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10 Best Universities in China


Best Universities in China  Since China opened the faucet and keterbukaannya economy in the 1980s, many things already achieved by the country of origin of this Po. Notice The Po? Kung-Fu PAnda experts is that? Hehehe. It’s not just the economy that advanced and “thrilling” superpower of the US, but also kind of a degree.

Study in China universities in china

It is noteworthy that nih, China had a civilization that actually was very old and gave birth to many experts and philosophers. Starting from Kon Fu Tse, Lao Tze, a war expert Sun Tzu, the judge Bao Zheng, who is famous for his righteousness, Wong Fei Hung, until the character of kung-fu classmates Ip Man is the name of a series of known world until today.

Their teaching is still preserved and “obliged” not just the Chinese community, but also the world community. Hehehe, no wonder if China also had one of the strong cultural roots in all aspects.

The 10 Best Universities in China

best universities in China

Regardless of the innuendo and oblique comment about the quality of imported goods labelled “Made In China” are indeed very similar same original stuff (read: Super KW, wkwkwkwk stuff), they actually had some University nganjuk, rather the best universities in China.

In fact, eight of the best universities in China entered the 100 best universities in the world in various surveys. Great right? And of course the graduates not to be confused with KW that often we buy, so much in fact. The adage “Learn though up to China” matter not just nonsense.

Although in this country could almost be said to be rarely there are scholarships held by private parties such as other countries, but his Government is very loyal to this problem.

The origin of the idea, the bamboo curtain country scholarships in this not just from Central Government alone. But beasiswanya can also be obtained from the region or province place student learning.

One might say a kind of provincial scholarship/provincial fund that is aimed at all students who study in specific areas. This scholarship also is aimed at foreign students studying in one of the provinces in China.

So if you are interested to study in the land of one thousand Panda, you can choose an alternate scholarships other than those organized by the Central Government. Very rare Yes we hear models of scholarship like this.

Well, the interesting fact that is in the land of one thousand Panda? Hehehe. Here are 10 universities that recommended for You who wish to study there from different sources.

1. Zhejiang University (Zhèji āng Dáxuè)

The best University in China the first one is the University of Zhejiang University. Did You Know?

Cambridge From The Eastor from the East Cambridge is the nickname of this College. Hmmm … No one indeed because it in fact is the best University in the country of a thousand PAnda. One of the oldest and most selective in its student candidate acceptance in China.

The University was founded in 1897. History of the University in accordance with the age, quite long. Hehehe … The College was originally named “Qiushi Academy” and located in the city of Huangzhou, southwest of the port city of Shanghai.

Founded by a mayor from the Qing dynasty named Lin Qi. Well, the story never tasted this one major higher education in European countries. After returning to his country, he dedicated keilmuannya it in college.

In 1928 when the Qing dynasty collapsed and ended the dynasty system of China for more than 2000 years, the University changed its name to “Che Kiang National University“.

This replacement also marks the arrival of a few college earlier in the year 1927 Huazhong. It was only in 1957 it was renamed to we now know.

It is inhabited by approximately 40,000 students. It has about 100 majors for students the equivalent of D3 and S1 that consists of medicine, agriculture, law, science, technology, mathematics, economics, engineering and others.

In addition, the University has six affiliates with six hospitals. Well, for those of you who want to take medical Department of good news. Hehehe, the problem rarely is there a University to have a cooperation with six hospitals. Usually only one or two only. Hehehe …

At least this University alumni are making 3 Nobel titles from a variety of fields. The average businessman or politician is awarded in various fields. One of the founders of the Communist Party of China, the Cen Duxiu is alumni of the University.

2. Peking University (Bĕijīng Dàxué)

Somehow the author when writing reviews this College instead so hungering. Hehehe, depleted his name at kayak special food from there, Peking duck. But I will not be discussing food lho ya.

If a University is also old, established in 1898. Or it could be said the University stood at the end of the 19th century. Its location is on the capital of the Repbublik of China, namely Beijing.

When first established, the College was called the Imperial University of PekingHad several times renamed, merged, moved even finally back again to the place of origin aka make dizzy.

In the year 1912 when the Republic of China Sun Yat Sen stands by its President, the University was renamed National Peking UniversityDuring World War II, the University was moved to Changsha.

At the same time combined with the Changsha Temporary UniversityThe slow-gradually merged still other universities such as Tsinghua University and Nankai University. It wasn’t until the year 1946 when World War II ended, the University is home to hometown Beijing. Bener-bener sophisticated automated analysers aka complicated, hmmmm …

The unique from the start of the stand until the year 1919, of the best universities in China that is inhabited by only the second freshman male only!. New in the year 1920, the University student receives women.

In addition most of the campus in College is still a typical Chinese-style buildings. There are pagodanya? of course, there is the paviliunnya? exactly, there is a student? Ah never mind. Hahahaha …

In the University there are more than 30,000 students 15 percent are in fact international students. The University has 30 colleges, 12 equivalent Department faculty. Their Department include arts and humanistic, architecture, science, social sciences, law, medicine, agriculture, engineering and others.

The University is arguably have a specialization in the field of Arts and humanistic. One of the best in the world according to the QS World Universities Rankings. As well as rank 38 of the 100 world’s best University Webometrics version. Wuih great huh?

Awarded 3 Nobel titles have grabbed from various fields. Mao Zedong, Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao, and was the founding father of the Communist Party of China which is also the founder of the REPUBLIC of CHINA, also attended the University. The University has also highlighted the world when the Tiananmen incident at red square the year 1989.

3. At Tsinghua University (Qīnghuà Dàxué)

This is still one of the neighboring University of Peking. Both stand in the forbidden city, Beijing. Had a reputation as the most widely hunted University students there. But acceptance of its student one of the toughest also in China.

The University was founded in 1911. Interestingly, the establishment of this College is not separated from the Qing dynasty time cooperation with the Government of the United States of that time were led by President Theodore Roosevelt. LOH kok can?.

So here goes the story. After the Boxer rebellion started to subside and extinguished in 1907-1908, the US Government approves education assistance fund to China at that time was still controlled by the Qing dynasty.

About 10 million dollar funds ever prepared to help some Chinese students to study to the United States. The funds were also used to build a college in China by the name of Tsinghua CollegeWell, the college is to be the forerunner to Tsinghua University.

Interestingly when the people’s Republic of China stands in the year 1949, the leadership as well as many University professor who emigrated to Taiwan a.k.a. Chinese Islands.

Maybe they are afraid of a Communist-leaning government or loyal with the leader of nationalist China time, Chiang Kai Sek. Be they in there founded the University whose name is similar, namely National Tsing Hua Institute of Nuclear Techonology in the year 1955 in Taipei. Hehehe, yes its unique?

Currently, the University accommodate about 30,000 students. The University has 6 faculties: equivalent schools of mathematics, science, medicine, economics and management, as well as communication and journalism. Well, this could be the right choice for friends who want to deepen their communication studies and journalism.

They had a special school for this scholarship and was founded in 2002. Oh yes, they’ve got the Business Department for co-operation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). So the quality does not need to doubt.

The University is ranked 42 out of 100 of the world’s best University Webometrics version. Great huh? While the two have grabbed the title awarded Nobel from different fields. The former President of CHINA, Hu Jintao and President of REPUBLIC of CHINA which now serves, Xi Jinping is an alumni of the University.

There are also children of the Nations that know the alumni of the University. There is Mr. James Riady of Lippo Group’s founder is alumnus of the University. Wiihh …

4. Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Shànghăi Jiāotōng Dàxué)

I originally thought that the University had a specialization in engineering. Because literally, the word “Jiao Tong” means of transportation. It turns out that it is kind of similar to the vision of the University is the emphasis on technology.

The University was originally called Nan Yang CollegeHis name is indeed very similar to one of the universities in Singapore (Nanyang Technological University). Founded in 1896 by the Emperor Guangxu of the Qing dynasty. The University is one of the oldest universities in China.

The most prestigious University also touted at once one of the most selective in there. The naming of the University is actually not loose too from the needs of the Ministry of posts and communications. So the name “Jiao Tong” is still attached to until now and so the fortunes of the University’s distinguishing trademark with other universities in Shanghai.

Had changed its name several times, the University continues to focus on three things. Three focus it is communication, engineering and technology. This University because it was dubbed “the MIT of the East”. Yep, it could be said to be at the global level, the University might be opposed to the Massachusetts Institute of technology for that.

Even when China finally became a Republic of the Communist-leaning, the University is still concentrated on three focus it though the techniques more highlighted. Following the trend of Soviet-style education that refers to the technique.

Same with other universities in China, the College is located in the city of Shanghai has about 30,000 students. Got 24 school of biotechnology, mathematics, engineering, chemistry, humanities, civil engineering and architecture, software engineering, law and others.

For those of you who want enrolled in the Department of computer, one might say the University is one of the best recommendations. If you want to include in the field of engineering or biotechnology.

Grab one title ever awarded the Nobel Prize on behalf of Luc Montagnier has ever investigated the HIV virus. Awarded most is also similar to the MIT alumni, company founders or CEO who engaged in IT. “China’s a very famous classmate Yao Ming has also studied why here.

5. University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

Its name is in fact already a college orientation direction predictably that stood in the area of Hefei, Anhui Province. Yep, another sister of MIT with a different flavor. Hehehe, scent technology combined with the aroma of science.

The University was actually standing nine years after the people’s Republic of China declared, or precisely in the year 1950. When the College was called the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and standing on Beijing’s forbidden city.

Well, when the cultural revolution appeared in 1966 the College Center is slowly transferred to Anhui. Practical year 1970, University Center was officially moved to Beijing. So who is in Beijing to date is still active, just Center the University is just the switch.

The University in the youngest category in China occupies land of 360 hectares. Oh yes there is forgetfulness, the University there on average as well as with universities in the USA for example. Because of the large countries and categories include populous. Hehehe, so no wonder the University there area-wide.

The University has 19 school which includes the Department of business, engineering, medicine, information technology, science, geology and space, nuclear and so on. It could be said this is a children’s Science University despite the school’s Humanities and social sciences.

Because the University had many variants of schools and courses that still has something to do with science such as nuclear and space science. The good news for you who want to be a scientist or want to be an astronomy. It can be used as the first choice. Oh yes, a college student here there are approximately 15,000 students.

Awarded a lot of dabbling in the world of science and technology in accordance with the direction of the orientation of the University. In fact, many professors in the U.S. like Harvard, MIT, Yale, and others who are also alumni of the University. Gimana ya it feels so Professor at Harvard? … Hmmm (want) ….

6. Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST Kējì Dàxué Huázhōng/)

The best University in China that the 6 is far from urban density. It sits there in Wuhan City, Hubei province. Suitable for those who want to study in a quiet place and there’s a lot of smoke coming from a urban Beijing.

Yes, in fact Beijing had pollution levels. Well because it is a bit far and calmer conditions from Beijing University, can You make it for your reference.

The University was founded in 1952 with the major orientations, namely economic development, science and technology.

Well that time of the PRC Government built three different institutes, namely Huazhong Institute of Technology, the South-Central China Institute of Power Engineering and South-Central China Institute of Water Conservacy and Electric Power.

Perhaps because of the time it concentrated its development would like to focus on a particular field, then the Chinese Government has not thought to menggabungnya into one.

But in 1953, his third academic governance was unified under Huazhong Institute of Technology (HIT). The Institute is also the forerunner of this University. Well it was only in 1988, it was renamed the now we see.

The University has students that much more if compared to other universities. About 50,000 students are enrolled here. There are four departments that includes dozens of schools: the field of science and engineering, medicine, and social sciences.

Their Department so predictably, there are hundreds of departments from various fields. Even if you are interested in studying Chinese literature or literature, here could be a major reference.

Awarded many who became scientists, politicians, scientists and business people. Hehehe, maybe it felt incomplete if colleges in China there is nothing so Canadian businesses (see what I mean?, hehehe). There must be minimal and an expert on the economy. One well-known awarded is the origin of the Tingkok women’s tennis player Li Na.

7. Shandong University (Shāndōng Dàxué)

The best University in China next is Shandong University. Well if this one is one of the oldest universities of China. Already established in 1733 in the city of Shandong. It was founded by the Emperor of China’s Qing dynasty, Yongzheng Emperor, as well as stands near the river Luo who is quite famous.

Because this is the name of the Luo River early College is named Luo The AcademyInitially this College still refer to the traditional education system in China. So the Department initially only about classical Chinese sciences such as the teachings of Confucius, philosophy and so on.

In 1881, the two Christian ministers of American Evangelicals in the Presbyterian bought a number of properties from the Academy and built a chapel. Got upheaval because of the erection of the chapel. But soon resolved diplomatically through the cooperation of u.s. and Qing dynasty.

Well at the beginning of the 19th century, the best University in China is even much got some help from the American missionaries. Practical succession of the College and bore many college and Luo The Academy changed its name to Shandong University.

Even the disputed the chapel still stands tall. So until the founding of the REPUBLIC of CHINA under Mao Zedong, the University is importing a lot of Western Sciences. It was only when CHINA stood in the year 1949, the lesson that model is somewhat changed slightly with reference to the Soviet model more emphasis on technique.

Currently, the best University in China the 7th had about 50,000 students. The College has about 32 school or school with various fields of equal faculties. While the keilmuannya include engineering, nursing, medicine, science, philosophy, social sciences, communications and journalism, pharmacy, public health, etc.

Even the University has a special school to learn the thinking of Marxian figures. The right choice for friends who want to learn the paradigm. Hehehe …

The unique thing is mostly University graduates is somewhat similar to that of university graduates range of Edinburg. Many are so book author, novelist, poetry and more. The right choice for You who wants to major in linguistics or journalism.

8. Jilin University (Jílín Dàxué)

One University is located in Jilin Province, Northeast China. In the city of Changchun. If not mistaken the region familiar with the name Manchuria.

Yep! the Northeast China bordering Russia to the peninsula of Korea was indeed more acclaimed as it was. Home to the tribe the Manchu (Qing dynasty) who once ruled mainland China at the end of the 19th century.

The College was founded when China still controlled by nationalists in the year 1946. That time the name was originally the Northeast College of Administration in the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province.

The orientation of the first clear, namely the administration or the public service. Gradually the University was experiencing some merging with other colleges in Heilongjiang.

Because the province of Heilongjiang by chance near the peninsula of Korea, this college so affected Korea War which raged in 1950. It was only after the war of Korea completed in 1958, the University was moved to the city of Changchun.

Also in that year the University was officially renamed as Jilin University. Gradually it incarnate beings, eh so the intent is one of the best universities in the country of a thousand pAnda. Hehehe …

The best University in China has a larger student College rather than above. There are approximately 60,000 students are enrolled here. There are 13 faculties: science, law, science, medicine, engineering, agriculture, military science to management.

Orientation keilmuannya more common here. It could also be a reference to You who wish to study science or aerospace problem related to military service.

The University degree awarded has produced a Nobel Peace Prize that was won by Liu Xiaobo. Awarded many who became politicians or scientists technique.

9. Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT/GōngDà Hā)

If the Institute this one still relatives nearby Jilin University. Still one region of Manchuria, just different provinces and cities. Even the fact the Institute got 3 campus.

Its center there in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province while two other campuses each exist in Weihai, Shandong province and in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

The University was founded in 1920. In contrast to Tsinghua for example existing cooperation with the United States, the University was in fact the result of cooperation with the Government of the Soviet Union. Even this University was originally called Harbin Sino-Russian School for Industry-.

Yes same orientation initially similar to Stanford. More towards the development of the industry. The goal was originally to educate students there i.e. about Soviet-style railroad engineering. In addition the location of the Institute not far from the border with Russia, or the Soviet Union at that time.

There are about 25,000 students who studied at the Institute. Due to the orientation of the kebih to the development of practical technology, the Institute became a haven of its student engineering.

Yes, for those of you who want to take their engineering sciences there are various options here. Such as electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering, spacecraft optical, architecture, information technology and others. In addition the Institute is one of the best institutes in the world.

According to data of the Global Best Universities for Engineering, the Institute is on the seventh rank. Wuih horror-horror tasty huh?

It could be said that this is the best Institute in the land of one thousand PAnda. While many in the field awarded entrepenuer. Although many notable Alumni so politicians.

10. the Southeast University (Dàxué Dōngnàn)

The best University in China that the 10th was the Southeast University. College that one is true to its name. Aye, his position there in the southeast of China. Exactly there in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. One university that stands is already very long. Even supposedly well before the Qing dynasty came to power. Really?

Hmmm judging from its history is indeed so. Although officially the University was founded in the year 1902, in fact before that this College have a very long history.

Originally the territory of Nanjing is indeed known as the educational centre since the year 258 or era of the rule of three States (the dynasty of Wei, Shu, dynasty and Wu dynasties). Nanjing itself is in the Wu dynasty at that time. Well this time it’s the Wu dynasty already has high schools in Nanjing.

Well until the 14th or 15th century reign of the Ming dynasty, this area remains a centre of higher education there. Even in this era of many high school stand in the region of Nanjing. Through to the end of the Qing dynasty rule in the 19th century, it was only going to be made with reference to a system of College modern education system.

Well in the era of the Qing dynasty, here’s some of the high schools in Nanjing this one by one began to put together and replaced the traditional education system. Finally in the year 1902, lays Sanjiang Normal College which became the forerunner of the University. Interesting Yes its history?

Students who studied here about 25,000 students. The University has 30 schools and equivalent departments of the faculty. Their Department include mechanical engineering, energy and mineral resources, computing, economics and management, and more.

If you want to learn the transportation problems, the University is the right choice. They had a special school of transportation. Thanksgiving-Thanksgiving tomorrow when it’s passed to fix some parts of the country are chaotic manner of transportation capital or corners. The prospect of Nice lho … Hehehe …

No wonder the most notable Alumni is a scientist in the field of engineering. The former President of the Republic of China (Nationalist), Chiang Kai Sek is one of the famous awarded.

Interesting Yes historical and scientific orientation for University-owned in the land of one thousand PAnda. A lot of techniques, technologies and dominated the business. Especially the last one, also represented the character of Chinese society at large.

Obviously be said if our homeland of his ancestors was a sailor, in the country across the North to say his ancestors were merchants. Hehehe …

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