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Sail to 10 Best universities in France, Land Napoleon Bonaparte


The best University in France — If in the eyes of the authors is actually more French flagship football than his studies. Hehehe, well aware of the French writer happened to know was originally precisely because look at football matches. But that does not mean her education loses lho with other countries.

Study in France

No, actually this country had one of the best education in mainland Europe. In fact every year his Government including loyal provides scholarships to foreign students interested in College his empire of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Though wracked by terrorism issues lately, it seems that it has not been a barrier to foreign students to enrolled there.

French society could also be said to be very open with foreigners as Germany. Yep, one of the founding countries of the European Union adopted the principle of openness. So for friends who like to lecture there don’t worry will racial issues. Thus one might say rarely land Napoleon Bonaparte is again sidelined by the issue.

Even with the opening, you can see some Frenchmen thus appears instead of the original French. Even many in the country are also descendants of African immigrants. The French football legend, who is currently coaching Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane as the pun actually not the original French (native Zimbabwe she said). This indicates they accept anyone residing in the country.

In addition to that of the French was the language. It is said that the people of United States make French as one of the compulsory foreign languages studied. Whether true or not, but the author himself enough to believe with that statement .

Because the author himself often see Hollywood movies. Some of them adopted the French language to indicate closeness or simply speaking a foreign language with others.

It’s just a perfunctory, only one or two scenes alone. But it’s enough to describe the culture of people United States against foreign languages such as French. This means that the French language is appreciated and studied there.

However, in fact I am quite confused by speakingits indistinct impressed for the size of Indonesia people. If the words of my father, that if the French people spoke much like the sound of bees (bees, Red). But that side of the draw it. Especially for those of you who wish to study in there, this is obviously mandatory study.

The College educational system in France

The College is actually in France is not much different from other countries. The school system, the Ministry, even referring to could be said to be the same as other countries. But there is one that might make confused for friends who are just learning the system of University there, namely the issue of Alliance College high.

Keep in mind, some colleges in France adopts the kind of alliances that are regional or city. One might say a kind of provincial alliance or city allianceStill confused?, okay I love examples though a bit long.

You know universities in California? University there definitely refers to the one of the same name, but the difference is the district or city. University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Los Angeles, University of California-Santa Barbara, and others. But they got one the same Alliance, namely the University of California System.

Well, almost the same system in France. In Paris for example all refer to one name, the University of Paris. But always followed last name not similar. For example, the University of Paris 5 Rene Descartes-or the University of Paris 7 – the Diderot. In Paris itself there are 13 universities that one Alliance, namely the University of Paris 13.

So also in the other major cities in France such as Toulouse, Rennes and Lille. The system is also similar to its alliance with several universities that still one region or term of Government in the règion of France.

Indeed, not all college or certain regions in France adopted this system. However this is quite confusing for foreign students who want to study there. Because the average as in Indonesia the system only refers to the one university that stands on its own.

There is no Alliance consisting of a University in a specific area like in France. So hopefully this additional info could give enlightenment to friends. Hehehe ….

the 10 best universities in France

Curious which University best and recommended for friends who are interested in the lecture there? Monggo listened below that I quoted from Webometrics and a number of other sources.

1. Universitè Pierre et Marie Currie

Best universities in france Universitè Pierre et Marie Currie

Another name of this University is the University of Paris VI aka Paris 6. Acclaimed as the Sorbonne University because its Alliance. The best universities in the country of Napoleon Bonaparte. The name of the University was taken from two French physicist Nobel Laureate title in 1903, Pierre Curie and Marrie Currie.

The roots of the history of the University is the same as the other universities that stand in Paris. Has been around since the 12th century, but was broken on a circa 1965 up to 1970s. The University itself formally established in 1971. Starting from the education revolution in France in 1968, known as “The French May”.

Well this is the revolution of the Faculty of science of the University of Paris was split into several universities because it is considered too “fat”. Be now it stands alone. Although the University is listed as one of the oldest universities in Europe, as well as the best in France by Academics Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

Because the University is a research-based, then keilmuannya is complete. Science, mathematics, economics, communication, social, there all here. But to his own multiple majors that take precedence. As the Department of health, climate change, water, energy, communications and so on. Science and math majors get more servings because it is the orientation of College standing in Paris.

Awarded have grabbed at least 18 Nobel titles from a variety of fields. Most notable Alumni is scientist scientists or doctors. The University is right for friends who want to become experts in the field of science and mathematics.

2. the Universitè Claude Bernard-Lyon 1

Best universities in france Universitè Claude-Bernard Lyon 1

The University was founded in the town which is quite famous in France. In the city of Lyon, the city’s tourism industry and the country’s largest vineyard. This College is one of three public universities that stand in this city. At the same time one of the oldest in the region of Rhone-Alpes règion or.

The College was founded in 1833. Founded by a French physiologist named Claude Bernard. Initially Mr. Bernard is setting up a specialized college to study science.

Then the hose a few years later, forming a college more specifically to study medicine in 1874. To date the University orientation not far from both the academic.

Students who studied here there are approximately 45,000 people. Has several schools which include science (engineering, biology, chemistry and biochemistry, mathematics, chemistry, Earth science, electricity and computers), health sciences (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physiotherapy, therapeutic Sciences, audiology and etc), sports and so on.

Specific to medicine, the College has a hospital-based teaching or research is the second largest in France. That plus the branch of medical science which is complete enough, to make this University could be the inspiration of friends who like to studied medicine there.

Oh yes, the University according to Webometrics site, entered into the ranks of the world’s best University 300 lho. His reputation does not need to be asked again! … Hmmm …

No wonder the majority of graduates are experts in the field of medicine. In addition many scientists scientists is also an alumnus of the University. No wonder, why wong founder course Physiology, hehehe …

3. the Universitè Paris-Sud

Best universities in france Universitè Paris-Sud

Yep, it’s still berkawan with 13 other universities in Paris. Other names include the University of Paris XI Paris 10 aliases. Its location is on the South side or the Orsay, Paris.

The University is the same with other universities in the Paris region in the form of fractions Universitè de Paris, founded in 1257. The year 1971, the University’s official stand on its own and renamed as now we see. That time a few academics, majoring in chemistry and in need of a nuclear lab.

Well long story short, the academics then build a Faculty of science in the territory of Orsay. Faculty of science this was the forerunner of the establishment of the University.

It is inhabited by around 30,000 students. Has several schools which include academic science, engineering, law, economics, management and so on. The University is famous for his laboratory. Even his lab is the best in the land of vineyards.

Extensive laboratory reach 236 hectares. Starting from Atomic, nuclear, particle material nature, electronic technology to nan everything can be observed, studied even developed in the laboratories of the University. Prospects good for friends that want to develop nuclear homeland are still many constraints.

According to The Times Higher Education in the year 2015, the University was in the rank of 10 of the world. Even Academics according to the Ranking of World Universities, the University is one of the best in the world in mathematics and science. So the University could be a choice of friends who like to dabble in the world of science.

There are at least two Nobel titles earned the University’s alumni. Awarded is also not far from academic science and mathematics.

4. the Ècole Normale Supérieure

Best universities in france Ècole Normale Supérieure

This is one of the best universities in the country. The College is known for the most selective in accepting the student. Even with the tight, students who studied here not as much as in other universities in France.

From its name, is nothing special enough here. Do not use the term Polytechnic Institute, let alone a University. The College uses the term grande école or if translated into the language of the United Kingdom the term closer to collegeJust let me be easier I prefer to use the term College just for this one.

This College was established in 1794. Exactly after the French revolution started and dropped the system of Government. That time two of the Commission of public instruction named Joseph Lakanal and Dominique Joseph Garat-proposes the construction of a new high school to bridge the House Republican class of society with an elite or nobility.

Well, that’s the deal of this College is present and the word “normale” indicates that this school is for anyone, no matter she’s poor, wealthy, Republican, Duke or such.

This College stands in the city of Paris is only inhabited by about 3000an students only. This is not surprising given the number of universities is very selective in its student admissions.

In addition the College has two faculty named “Sciences” (includes the science of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, biology, geology, and the theory of science), and “Letters” (includes academic philosophy, social sciences, economics, history, literature, science and the classics). Pretty unique eh?

Although highly selective, but in fact this college graduates also are indeed exactly excelled. Been awarded 13 Nobel title grabs from different areas. Awarded the Louis Pasteur. If friends older physics certainly know who he is. Aye, he was the inventor of the method of pasteurization and the creators of the rabies vaccine. There are also Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault the character of social sciences.

5. The Université Joseph Fourier

Best universities in france Université Joseph Fourier

If colleges this one stands at the city of Grenoble. The city is surrounded by mountains and is located in the East of France. The University itself is part of a College named University of Grenoble Alpes. So some sort of Alliance, but kepengurusannya stands alone. Oh yes the other name of this University is Université Grenoble I.

The University was founded in 1811. The age old enough to measure universities in France. Its founder is notable French scientist Joseph Fourier. Originally he founded the Faculty of science at the city of Grenoble.

So don’t be surprised if up to now the College orientation focuses on three things, science, technology, and medicine. Yep, the orientation is not much different from other universities in France.

The University has students of about 16,000 people. University of this one because it focuses on Science, then their Department not far from geology, physics, chemistry, and more. Oh yes, there is a unique master’s program and the D3. The University is using the language of the United Kingdom as the introduction to the program of S2.

As for levels of D3, the University is deploying a lecture language of United Kingdom in summer. Unique, Yes? Interesting enough for friends who want to add a vocab as well as taking International master programWant the IELTS or Toefl score adds can also. Hehehe …

According to the Ranking of World Universities Academicsthe University occupied the 4th ranking for engineering and IT in all of France. As for the size of the global, the QS World University Rankings Academis put on 115 in the world order. Arguably the very competitive for International size. It is the most awarded scientists scientists. No wonder Yes, this University’s orientation is more to science. Hmmm …

6. Université Paris Diderot

Best universities in france Université Paris Diderot

Returning to Paris, there is one University in the city of romance and fashion centre. Other names include the University of Paris VII, aka Paris 7. Stand-alone officially in 1970.

The University’s own name is taken by the critic and philosopher of art who is well-known in France, Denis Diderot. The University also is still a part of the Faculty of science of the University of Paris founded in the 12th century. In addition the University also is one the Alliance “the Sorbonne of Paris Cité” which is a combination of several universities in Paris. So it could be said the University is also another name of the Sorbonne.

There are about 26,000 students are enrolled here. In addition the College orientation this focus is math. Somewhat different though still a branch with science. Although it had a specialization in the field of mathematics, in fact in this flagship University because the humanities and psikologinya. The University even has a special study on East Asian languages such as Viet Nam, Korea, Japan and China.

Specifically for the Department of Psychology they divide it into two parts, namely, psychopathology and psychoanalysis. Yes with different universities in the country that tends to combine both in the science of psychology. The right choice and main reference for those of you who want to learn about the science related to one’s soul.

Awarded two Nobel titles had captured from a variety of fields. One name awarded the writer Julia Kristeva is familiar. Feminist figures and a sociologist who also semiotician (hyperteks) from Bulgaria.

7. The Université Paris Descartes

Best universities in france Université Paris Descartes

Again in Paris. Hehe, looks like a city that he said romantic and fashion center of the world is also a city of culture and education. Universities that this one had a different name for the University of Paris V Renè Descartes (Paris 5). Still one Alliance with the Sorbonne Paris Citè.

Her story is also the same with other universities in Paris are broken down in around 1970. But the University was recently spun-off a year later or in the year 1971. As the name implies, the naming of the University was taken from a well-known mathematician and philosopher France, Renè Descartes.

Unlike the other above the University of Paris, this one shard of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Paris. So it’s not like most University Faculty of science in Paris among others.

The University is known for the most prestigious in France. There are six departments that are the best in the land Department of the vineyard. Among others, Department of pharmacy, psychology, law, languages (linguistics), biology, and medicine.

Perhaps because of the orientation was more focused on the Humanities of the University of Paris, so this one is quite prominent in the field of non-science. Oh yes, students enrolled here there are approximately 30,000 students.

Former French Prime Minister, François Fillon was awarded the famous enough. Most awarded is an expert in the field of law, as well as politicians in the land of vineyards. A good reference for friends who want to take the branch of social sciences and humanities.

8. the Universitè de Bordeaux

Best universities in france Universitè de Bordeaux

Now the University is standing in one of the industrial cities in Northern France. In the city of Bordeaux, got the nickname city of “Beautiful Sleep”. Hehehe, or in the French language is often referred to with the term “La Belle Endormie”. Because although an industrial city, but its ancient buildings are magnificent and have a nice, quiet atmosphere when compared to other cities in the land of vineyards.

The University was founded in 1441. The second oldest college in France after Paris. Its founder was Pope Eugene IV, so no wonder if religious orientation was Catholic. However, this time the University was already classified as advanced with four referring to, the arts, medicine, theology, and law.

As universities across France in revolution of educational systems, Bordeaux is also broken down into three different universities in the year 1968. Even in the year 1995 one more broken down and into four different universities, and in 2007 plus one Institute.

There was practically the four universities and one Institute. But in 2014 the University’s return yesterday unite a.k.a. reunited.

Since it’s been merged back, it’s no wonder the small amount if combined currently reaches 70,000 students. One of the universities with the largest number of students in Europe. In addition to the four faculty that I mentioned above, there are other majors such as Humanities, science, physics, economics and management.

Awarded the Nobel has gained a degree of Physics in the name of Alfred Kastler. Awarded many in science, kind of physics, chemistry, and biology.

9. the Universitè de Strasbourg

Best universities in france Universitè de Strasbourg

Well if one University stands in the ancient city of Strasbourg. To the East of the famous French thick with the scent of Jermaniknya rather than their French culture. It is the second largest college in France.

No one indeed if this city had the scent of Germany. Strasbourg or the Alsace region is indeed reputed often contested Germany or France’s Empire in the middle ages. Even the universities that stand in this capital of the Alsace règion initially using the language of Germany.

Its original name when the stand is the Universität StraßburgTUH kan, Germany really wear the name “universität“. The University was founded in 1538 by the Imperial Government of the city of Strasbourg. The University is in the 16th century became the Centre of teaching medicine and Christianity (both Catholic or Protestant), as well as play a role when the French Revolution.

The University was broken up into three different University in 1970. Exactly what happened with the education revolution in France that are considered too fat. But in the year 2009, these three universities (Louis Pasteur University, Robert Schumann University, and Marc Bloch University) reunited. So the name of the third university be melted into one, as we now see.

Students who studied here have about 46,000 people. Pretty much Yes? Their Department is also equipped as science, biology, chemistry, medicine, humanities, social sciences and so on. The Department’s most striking here is the Department of Interior.

A wide range of degree in these buildings has been achieved by the University. Good news for friends who wanted to become an architect or building expert. In addition to this University is a university-based research in Europe is the best version of The League of European Research Universities. For those who want to continue this S3 and S2 is a University that can be used as a reference, in fact it could be the main reference.

Awarded Nobel title 18 have grabbed from various fields. Notable Alumni is Louis Pasteur, Wilhelm Röntgen (discoverer of x-rays/ronsen), Johan Wolfgang van Goethe (Novelist Germany), and Karl Ferdinand Braund (physicist, Germany). TUH kan, Germany people wrote the lectures here. Hehehe …

10. Aix-Marseille Universitè

Best universities in france Aix-Marseille Universitè

This last order was inhabited by the largest University in France. Yep, as well as one of the oldest in France. Its location is on the South of the country this, Napoleon Bonaparte in Provence.

The University was founded in 1409. It was founded by the ruler of the County of Provence that time, Louis II of Anjou. Its establishment almost akin to the Universitat of Heidelberg in Germany who also originated from the conflict of the Papal States between Rome, Avignon and the fortress of Pisa.

Well, Louis II of Anjou is sent a petition to the authorities and the Council of Pisa, Alexander V to build the University. So directly to Louis II of Anjou was more expressed his loyalty at the Pisa ruler “antipope” (papal-in terms of anti anti against Rome and Avignon papacy because he himself acknowledged and wear the title of Pope was also at that time in Pisa, Red) instead of Avignon and the Vatican.

Unlike the University of Heidelberg founded upon permission of the papacy in Rome at that time. When that name was originally Universitè Province. New in the year 1896, there was some merging with local college and renamed as now we see.

The University is a little larger than the small amount of Bordeaux, about 71,000 students. In addition it is also the same full with other universities in France are keilmuannya not far from science, medicine, humanities, politics, law and arts.

According to University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP), the College is in a position to 77 of the 100 best universities in the world. Hmmm, dont lose actually with the Sorbonne or other universities in Europe.

Awarded one title winning the Nobel Prize on behalf of Sheldon Lee Gaslow in 1979 in physics. Awarded as most other universities in France are prominent in the field of science. But many also awarded who became politicians and law.


Yep that’s 10 best recommendations University in France. Science of science and medicine is the most dominate there, as well as the most prominent. But the academic Humanities and psychology there too much attention because its development is pretty good there. Interested in studying at this vineyard land?

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