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Best Universities in Japan — believe it or not, when the author was told to write an article on this one so kebawa to the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL age. Hehehe, the author himself when JUNIOR love to listen to songs that exist in Japan anime or manga from there. So gimana gitu,, baper, huhuhu

Speaking of the quality of education in Japan, never asked. One of the best in the world after Finland and Israel. Many of our students know the lectures there via the scholarships as well as individuals. In addition many of the scholarships offered to the Government of Japan as well as interested private study there.

But yes it is, if you are indeed the intention of the lecture there should should be able to adapt to this one word: discipline. Yep, this country could be said to be very disciplined especially the matter of time. Like workers who always chased deadline, no lazy term let alone ngaretHehehe, the demands of college there including high to about that. Sayangkan if there’s just the main and streets without learning much from there?

For the system’s own high College almost similar in the United States. The term school here refers to education under the Bachelor or equivalent D3. While the term faculty and graduate school refers to the undergraduate and graduate level (S1/S2/S3). So, don’t get confused by the term in this article.Hehehe …

The 10 Best Universities in Japan

Curious where the 10 best universities in Japan? Below I sarikan of Webometrics data June 2017.

1. University of Tokyo (Todai)

Best Universities in Japan University of Tokyo (Todai)

Immediately stepped into the capital of the land of the rising sun, we meet with the best and oldest university there. At the same time one of the best in the world because it was ranked 48 world Webometrics version. Yup, the University’s standing in the capital city of Tokyo, Japan.

Originally the University was the incorporation of Government-owned medical school with a Western-style learning. In 1877, Japan, ruled by the Meiji dynasty at that time and then founded the University as “The Imperial University” or in the vernacular is called Japan Teikoku Daigoku.

From the name already seen that this University is a University belonging to the Empire of Japan.Until now, the University is a public, or the property of the national Government. In addition, the University is one of the seven initial University founded in the land of the cherry blossoms.

Currently, the College has about 30,000 students. It has also 10 different faculties include science, math, medicine, pharmacy, engineering, law, literature, art, and economics.

Interestingly the University has a Faculty of Pharmacy distinguished academic of science or medicine.Good news for friends who want to learn how to make drugs.

Oh yes, the University is for the size of Asia is one of the best. Even according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) in 2012, putting the University ranked first in Asia. Wow!.

Alumni of the University at least has grabbed 20 Nobel title are different. Most of the pharmaceutical sciences and physics, as well as the unique thing which in fact is Japan’s own people. Interested in learning here?

2. University of Kyoto (Kyodai)

Best Universities in Japan University of Kyoto (Kyodai)

Out from Tokyo, we go to the twin cities of Yogyakarta from Japan. Hehehe, incidentally it was the city of Kyoto is the center of the capital of the Empire of Japan during the Edo period before being moved to Kyoto. This ancient city in modern times is the center of culture and education.

Because of the history that is almost something like Yogyakarta city that is both the city establish cooperation sister provinceIn fact, he said Japan there it is his hometown everyone Japan. Widih …

It is an adaptation from high school chemistry that had previously been founded in 1869 by the name of Seimi Closest. Well in the year 1897, the University was merged with another school and changed its name to Kyoto Imperial University (Kyoto Teikoku Daigaku).

The second oldest university in Japan and the status of Imperial Japan was originally owned and included in a system of three University long known as Daisan Koto Gakko. Long story short it is now still holds as a national college under the Ministry of education in the country of the rising sun that.

The University stands in the city’s education and culture occupies a land area of 135 hectares. Have more than 20,000 students, as well as have a number of faculty comprising 19 undergraduate school (graduate) and 10 graduate faculty (post graduate).

Good news for friends who are interested in the field of science, the Faculty here: natural sciences such as chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics are separated into different schools. Surely it is more specific in terms of keilmuannya.

For friends who want to learn the science of the law here is also okay, very OK instead. According to the Japanese Bar Examination in year 2009 and 2010 put this as the best University for the school of law science in Japan.

Oh yes, the rank itself including horror-horror luscious same Tokyo. For the world ranking according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) in 2012, putting the University in ranked second in Asia after Tokyo University. The creeps Yes? … hehehe …

Awarded himself has successfully holds 10 Nobel titles from various fields who are also all of Japan is the man himself. Yet another University in Japan it included the successful print International-quality local alumni!

3. Osaka University (theRelatives)

Best Universities in Japan Osaka University (HAndai)

We are now heading for Osaka Prefecture which in fact if my friends see on map not far from Kyoto.Still the same city culture, but if not mistaken this town is also the headquarters of one of the world’s leading automotive companies, namely Suzuki. Hmm interesting, huh?

Originally the University was a high school humanities-based education system ala samurai named KaitokudoFounded in 1724 during the Edo period, and then stand up again a Samurai school namedTekijuku in 1838. The development of the school and then mixing the various academic science, medicine and other sciences, but school-based ala samurai.

So imagine the school was almost similar to the one in the series Naruto. But rather than create a learning style is much less so the ninja Yes, would ya academics. Hehehe, shortly after World War II, the College changed its name to such as we now see. His base is still so felt till now. So interested in so the doctor, the University is worth so choice.

There are more than 25,000 students enrolled here. There are 11 faculty equivalent education D3 and 16 school equivalent of S1/S2/S3. The sixth oldest college in the country of Sunrise also has two university hospitals.

In terms of ranking, the University according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) there are in the world and fourth rank 96 best in Japan. Whoosh, besides the University also excelled in the field of ilmunology, or the science that studies about the durability of the human body. One more scholarship is unique which is still rarely heard in the homeland.

Awarded one title winning the Nobel Prize in physics Hideki Yukawa’s behalf. In addition there is the name of a popular alumni in the world such as Toru Kumon (Kumon learning developers), Akira Yoshino (discoverer of Lithium-Ion batteries that are commonly used in various devices gadgets) and Akio Morita (Sony company founder).

4. Tohoku University (Tohokudai)

best universities japan  Tohoku University (Tohokudai)

Now we step in Miyagi Prefecture, in the city of Sendai. The city is famous for the legend of the samurai with the nickname “one-eyed Dragon” named Date Masamune. Hehehe, another old city in Japan that are closely linked to the culture of Japan.

In fact this College is the third oldest college in Japan established in Meiji era. Despite the College’s roots began when one of the founding of the medical school named Meirin Yokendo in 1736. Then in 1907 it was renamed teikoku daigoku Tohoku Tohoku Imperial University aliases with the same system with the University of Tokyo and Kyoto.

The University when compared to other universities in Japan include the least amount of student body, which is about 18,000 students. Although the University is fairly complete kok with 10 faculties and 15 school equivalent Degree which includes scientific literature-arts, economics, science, medicine-dentistry, education and engineering.

The University excels in science referred to as materials science, a science that studies the material making up the building. The science of sound and rarely needed in the country.

The University’s academic specialty is one of the best in the world according to the international agency Thomson-Reuters. As for his world ranking, the University occupies a ranking of the world’s 70 according to the QS World University Rankings in the year 2012.

Awarded has managed to get one title of the Nobel Prize in chemistry Koichi Tanaka’s behalf. One alumni authors know it was Kazumasa Oda, a famous musician at Sakura.

5. Nagoya University (Meidai)

Best Universities Japan Nagoya University (Meidai)

Yuk we step further into the area of Nagoya, in Aichi Prefecture. There was an old University was also there. Even the University is listed as the last University founded the Empire of Japan during the Meiji period. Gimana ya wih his story?

Same with the University was first established in Japan, the roots of the founding of the College also was originally a high school of medical sciences. LAH, medicine again, hehehe. The University was also founded in 1871. It looks like the science of medicine in Japan advanced Yes, to the roots of the University’s many refers to the medical school.

The name was then changed to Nagoya teikoku daigoku or Nagoya Imperial University in 1939. Practical with the name change, the bracing that the University belonged to the Empire of Japan at that time. It was only in 1947 or after World War II, the University was renamed as we see now.

It turns out much have fewer students. Even if compared to the Tohoku region, the College is still much smaller with 14,000 students. But the number of faculties and the school is still a lot of options with 9 faculties as well as kok school equivalent Degree that includes academic economics, law, science, literature, environmental science, International Development, information science, medicine, agriculture and others.

But with the number of students who “minimalist”, it turns out that making this University as the University that has the best reputation in the Japan version of NBP institutions. Widih, (((reputation))) hehehe.

Ow Yes for the comrades gravitated towards science kegunung-vulkanolog and irrigation companies or the University’s disaster could be the right choice. Because they have a special lab about it. Another rare but majors are needed in the country.

Awarded himself has won 6 Nobel Prize of chemistry, Physiology and physics. Even the inventor of the Blue-screen LED i.e. Hiroshi Amano and Isamu Akasaki is an alumni of the University. Most scientists are awarded in chemistry, Physiology and prominent mathematicians.

6. The Hokkaido University (Hokudai)

Best universities in Japan Hokkaido University (Hokudai)

Now we are heading to the Northern Japan island of Hokkaido which is one of its inhabitants is indigenous the Ainu, namely Japan. Yep its the opposite island of Sakhalin Island (Russia) have a University that is still one root with Tohoku University. LOH kok can?

Unlike most universities in Japan are the roots of science was originally the College of medicine, was originally an agricultural school aka agriculture. Sapporo Nogaku is the name of an early College founded in 1876.

Uniquely, the College was founded by William s. Clark, a scientist of botanical and army colonel in the civil war in the United States at that time. When he was asked by the Government of Japan to lead the University. Until now he remembered the people of Hokkaido because services and Science he inherit.

Well Sapporo Nogaku this is a school that is a branch faculty of Tohoku University and officially parted in 1918 by forming the new Imperial University named Hokkaido Teikoku DaigokuPractically since the time the University was developed as the main educational institution on the island of Hokkaido.

The number of students who studied here there were about 20,000. Like other universities in Japan, the University has 14 faculties and 17 schools which include agricultural sciences, science, mathematics, public policy, veterinary, fisheries science, pharmacy, economy and so on.

In addition to agriculture that does become a magnet of its own here, there is a Department of the economy which is one of the best in Japan. Besides don’t forget science fisheries, one incomplete majors it feels if learning to Japan but did not explore this science. It could be one of his friends who wanted to learn about fisheries.

Awarded Nobel title one has gained the name of Akira Suzuki on Science of chemistry. Graduates are mostly scientists and science writers.

7. Kyushu University (Kyudai)

Best Universities in Japan Kyushu University (Kyudai)

Well this time we pitch the southernmost island of Sakura, in Fukuoka Prefecture on the island of Kyūshū. Heavy industrial cities at the same time the port that drives almost half of Japan’s economy. Is also one of the entrance into the land of Ginseng aka Korea.

Kyushu University this is the fourth oldest university in Japan which existed in the era of the Meiji government. The roots of this College is also the same with the other Imperial University medical school adopted in 1867. In 1911 he was renamed to Kyushu Teikoku Daigoku.

One thing that distinguishes the University with other colleges in Japan is its international program so much. Starting from technology, institutional cooperation to the development of a new College being concentrated to the main University.

There are more than 18,000 students enrolled here. There are 13 schools equivalent D3, 15 faculty equivalent S1/S2/S3 science that includes business, science, mathematics, design, engineering, pharmaceutical, information technology, medicine-dentistry, economics, law and so on.

For friends who want to learn the biological and pharmaceutical sciences, the University is among the best in Japan. In addition many scholarship programs both in and outside the country who held University with various institutions that overshadows.

Awarded most of the profession as a scientist in the field of scientists. There are also several leading politicians in the country Sakura.

8. Keio University (Keidai)

Best universities in Japan Keio University (Keidai)

Returned to Tokyo, there is the best private college in the country Sakura. Even arguably the University is its twin Brown University (one of the members of the Ivy League universities, an elite group of universities on the East coast of America, Red). Kok bisa gitu?

Founded in 1858 in the District of Minato, Tokyo Prefecture, the University was founded by Fukuzawa Yukichi. He himself never learned about the education system at Brown University before finally establishing this University.

Practical systems that used the University itself was adapted from one of the flagship University in the land of Uncle Sam. While the majors and science was taught originally by Yukichi Sensei himself is a Western/European studies. It could be said in terms of the system, it is the most “Western” look than other universities in Japan that blends elements of Eastern and Western education.

When compared to other universities in Japan, the number of students who studied here very much. There are about 30,000 students enrolled here. Comprises 10 faculties and 13 schools are available ranging from scientific literature, economics, business, law, science, medicine, policy studies, and others.

The University excels in science and its business that included most of the country’s great Sakura Eduni Institute version of the MBA. So for those interested in learning the business in Japan, it can be used as the first choice.

Interestingly, the most awarded is good in Sakura’s own and outside the country. Junichiro Koizumi, former Prime Minister of Japan is one of the famous awarded. Businessman and actor Japan much too lho who lectures at the University.

9. Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokodai)

Best universities in Japan Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokodai)

Tokyo again, Tokyo again. It looks like even if Kyoto is a city of education, the University of nganjuk in Japan mostly were in Tokyo. To the extent that the author almost upside down writing both cities because the name is almost the same, even stayed behind already replace the city (Tokyo-Kyoto, Said pretty much the same right?). But this one’s a bit different from other universities in Japan because of the U.S.-based Institute.

If in the United States, the Institute is arguably comparable to Massachusetts Intitute of Technology MIT flagship alias it. The College was originally named Tokyo Kogyo Daigaku stands 1881 or several years of post-Meiji Restoration. The best Institute in the country Sakura. The Institute is based on scientific techniques is also equal to Keio, adopting Western-style education.

Students who studied here about 10,000 students only. Fewer yet reasonable considering this is an Institute. The school has 3 par D3 and 6 school equivalent education undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship which covers engineering, biology, astronomy, innovation management and others.

The Institute is in fact is one of the colleges in Japan that its student admission is highly selective. To the field of engineering departments themselves according to the QS World Academic Rankings, placing the College at 20 of the world rankings. So it is highly recommended for those of you who want to learn techniques and manner of keilmuannya.

Awarded itself also moves as scientists scientists or technicians in various fields. But the acceptance rate awarded one of the best in Japan and enter world at large 100 list alumni and CEO who works on the company’s world-wide version of the French institution, the Ecole des Mines de Paris. Wuih, want to be technicians at once a world-class CEO?

10. University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba Daigaku)

Best universities in Japan Tsukuba University (Tsukuba Daigaku)

Well now we go to the southeastern part of Japan, in the city of Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture. The town can be said to be the Silicon Valley of his Sakura because of the city’s prime mover is a company engaged in the retail business or communications and information. So remember when Stanford, hehehe …

The University when compared to other universities in Japan quite the youngest in terms of age. The new stand in October 1973, even older than the University still in Indonesia sorts GMU, UI or ITB.

But despite that fact it is fractional College University of Tokyo which was originally founded in 1872. It could be said the University is a “sibling” of the University of Tokyo. Well, the brain may be old but still young soul, hehehe …

Students who studied here have about 16,000 students. It has 9 schools and 9 graduate school which includes the academic Humanities, culture, science, medicine, engineering, social, environmental, educational, pure science (mathematics) and others.

The good news for you who want to learn the business, because this College and its business school is one of the best in the country Sakura Eduniversal institutions version. The University also has several international cooperation, one with Indonesia.

Uniquely, awarded most is the sportsman at Sakura. LAH, additionally awarded are also engaged in business and politics.


That’s 10 best universities in the country Sakura. If viewing the data above is actually more recommended for friends who want to take a science or engineering. However, the business also made so the criterion here, interested?

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