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10 Best Universities in Singapore and Singapore Education System


Best Universities in Singapore  As the land of the Tasmanian Devil aka Australia which is also our neighbours, Singapore is one of the country’s neighbors who had the best education system.

study in Singapore Best Universities in Singapore and Singapore Education System

In fact, it is said that according to the last survey conducted, Singapore had equal quality of education Finland and Israel, as well as entering the top 10 world’s best quality of education according to some surveys. Astounding though it really isn’t surprising. Given the State of this degree is good because the Merlion supported a strong economy as well.

There is a bit of a joke about the country. It’s like the author has ever heard of the Pack BJ Habibie once said, “Singapore is no more than a tiny speck of red”. Hehehe, the usual political sentences.

Sometimes sad too when it’s ultimately our educational quality compares with the country located in the North of the Riau Islands. The sentence of former President we are also experts in aircraft construction it seems ineffective in that field.

At least according to, there are two universities in Singapore who entered the ranks of the 100 best universities in the world. Dont wrong indeed if child President Anwar nyekolahin Widodo Cubs (Kaesang) there.

Yes, I try to think positive thinking alone, the quality of education there are indeed good. Even if seen more, ranking between universities there have enough inequality in comparison to College in the country.

But come to think again they too clever, in terms of matter with it. To compensate for the inequality rankings as well as the quality of education, a number of colleges there have various cooperation with a number of leading universities in the world. Any cooperation have a variety of unique concept.

There are other universities who adopted the concept of superior, forming an institution (an Alliance or collaboration) and there is also a collaborating so that his title was recognized by the best universities in the world. Then no wonder if we today saw College there quality is increasing quite rapidly, even one of the best in the world.

The 10 Best Universities in Singapore

Curious where the best College in the country this Merlion? The following 10 best universities in Singapore that could be used as recommendations the study You cited from various sources.

1. National University of Singapore (NUS)

best universities in Singapore National University of Singapore (NUS)

This is the best College in the country the Merlion. Got the name Malay, Singapore National University. Established in 1905 when Malaya including Singapore still colonized by the United Kingdom. The University is not only the best, but also the oldest there.

Standing in the southwest of the famous with the name of Singapore Kent Ridge or better known as the Bukit Timah. Initially when I first stand, this College called Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore(IHL).

The University was founded thanks to the petition filed by Tan Jiak Kim. A leader of the Chinese community and Non European country the Merlion. The petition was approved by the local Governor Sir John Anderson. Well in 1913 so established with the name of King Edward VII College of MedicineSo predictably early college majors. Yep, that is the correct medicine.

Interestingly in 1949 the school was dikawinin, er meaning merged with Raffie’s College in Malaysia and changed its name to University of Malaya. Hehehe, this is of course due to the merger of Singapore into Malaysia’s territorial time a freed United Kingdom.

New in the year 1962 post Singapore broke away, the University was broken again into two institutions. The University of Malaya in Malaysia and the NUS itself until now. Consumable mating, terbitlah divorcees. Wakkk

The University was inhabited about 20,000 students from various countries. Oh yes it is about 150 acres, which means more extensive when compared to Harvard (Harvard hehehe, breadth of 85 hectares).

Had 13 school which consists of several departments such as business, medicine, dental medicine, music, art and social science, mathematics, public policy, computer science, etc.

According to the QS World University Ranking Academics 2016, it occupies a position 12 of the 100 best universities in the world and ranked 1st in Asia. Wuih, rival universities in the U.S. nih. In addition, some awarded an average of dabbling in the world of politics and business. The University has given birth to two Prime Ministers of Malaysia, Singapore’s Prime Minister and 4 complete with its President. Widih …

2. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

best universities in Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

I was quite surprised when writing reviews of this College. It turns out that many university students reference into Indonesia in Singapore was established in 1956. Somewhat different – a little difference with colleges in the country. I originally thought this old University included considering his name is well known in Southeast Asia especially.

Well, in the year 1980 University located in Nanyang Avenue West of downtown Singapore this story merged (or dikawinin huh?, wkwkwk) combined with the NUS. When the year 1981, the University had the take over of NUS is separated and turned into Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI). When they open a three-Department of engineering.

New in the year 1990, the University was merged with an Institute called the National Institute of Education (established in 1950). Now when was this merged NTI transformed into a University. But the author more amazed again see College in Singapore that hobby mating-divorced. Heuheu..

It could be said, the University is the largest college in the country the Merlion. Yep, the breadth of reach 200 hectares and includes the Lake Nanyang (Nanyang Lake) itself. Fun Yes similar to universities in the US or Europe that there is beauty. Universities are inhabited by about 30,000 students has 3 colleges and 6 school and other equivalent institution faculty.

Oh yes although there are frills “Technology or Techonological“, in fact it was even noted for its business school is the largest in Singapore (Nanyang Business School). Unique or bizarre hayoo?

Based on QS World Ranking Academics 2016, the University was ranked 13 out of 100 best universities in the world. A notch below NUS nun, as well as the third best University in Asia. It is no longer awarded oddly, much more in politics than “Technology“. Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono, who is also the son of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, is also an alumnus of the University.

I so remember, one of the authors at CMS is also a graduate of the University. Though he was majoring in engineering, but instead ngajar Javanese. Hmmm ….

3. Singapore Management University (SMU)

best universities in Singapore Singapore Management University (SMU)

The oath, this isn’t high school kayaking in Indonesia. This University is indeed the same abbreviation, hehehe. The University is located in the District of Bugis Bras-Brasah, if not wrong here many people inhabiting the Bugis in Singapore.

The University is actually the third university which stands in the land of the Merlion. The idea of a third university is already diwacanakan by the Government of Singapore alone since the year 1997. First time was practically the only NUS and Nanyang who became two universities in nganjuk there.

Then the University in the year 2000 stood by imitating the model of one of the universities in the U.S., The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania. Aye, Donald Trump University model was made by the high school. So the view of education emphasizes the business sector and the economy.

It is inhabited by about 8000 students. There are 8 school faculty equivalent covering the areas of business, economics, accounting, Executive Development special schools, laws, information, social sciences and professional studies.

There is no science or engineering here. But there is a special school for executives or staff who wish to develop their talent as well as keilmuannya at this University.

The University according to Webometrics ranked at 954 (tuh kan lame banget sama two universities above). Despite that, the University allowed Lee Kong Chian prided School of Business. The business school was ranked 1st in the world in the field of Management of the Weallth.

In addition, according to the Business School Rankings Based on Research Contributions, business school in the HIGH SCHOOL ranks 100 best business schools in the world by the year 2013. So the University is the right choice for you who want a Department of business and economics.

4. The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

best universities in Singapore Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

The average age of the universities in Singapore are still young. Including this one, SUTD recently established in 2009. Its location was at Changi Business Park, Singapore. A business centre and the heart of the economy of the country.

If HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS mimic model one business school in the US, another case with the College. The University curriculum refers to the neighboring Harvard University learning model, i.e., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

So they bring curriculum is also not much different from MIT who has specialized in the field of technology. In addition they also have cooperation in the field of research with some of the world’s leading universities such as Yale University and Zhejiang University.

The University has recently completed the construction of one building in the year 2015. Unique is that they have a pavilion with the nuances of Mandarin who donated the famous Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan.

Oh yes another one, they focus on the four pillars of education called the reference point. Among others, the development of production engineering, system engineering and design, architectural design, and information.

Though still young, they already have a program titled Ph.d S3 in four areas. They also have a special laboratory for researching renewable and clean technology.

5. Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NAP)

best universities in Singapore Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NAP)

Well if this one is arguably the best in the land of the Merlion Polytechnic. Founded in 1963, the school was located in Clementi Road, Singapore.

Initially when this Polytechnic was established, named Nge Ann CollegeIt was founded by a donation of the institution named The Ngee Ann Peers with the aim to improve the quality of education there. The main hell initially for group/Teochew lineage.

May be due to the size of the ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia, groups/lineage is very small (including in Indonesia, most of the community/descendants of Hokchia or Hakka, Red), so to enhance their degree, College was founded.

But gradually their impact is felt not only a group of Teochew, but also people from other ethnicities in Singapore. Especially for developing business, so it’s no wonder the majors beginning when Polytechnic was founded is majoring in business.

When first established, the College has about 116 students. Best College fifth in Singapore also has 9 schoolInclude business and accounting, design, information, health, engineering, media and film studies, chemistry and others.

They also develop what is called with The Ngee Ann Learning ModelThis is a model where graduates are given the basic capabilities of the economic lessons. Almost similarly to HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS that the base is the business.

Many graduates engaged in media and entertainment. Even Tommillusions, an illusionist is the world’s leading Polytechnic alumni.

6. Singapore Polytechnic (SP)

best universities in Singapore Singapore Polytechnic (SP)

Okay, after that Ngee Ann Polytechnic Institute a little over this one. But if this one can be said to be the oldest Polytechnic in the land of the Merlion. Founded in 1954 and is located in the Prince Edward Road, South of the city of Singapore.

Unlike most other colleges in Singapore the most Business-based, economy or technology. Singapore Polytechnic thus have the orientation in the field of industry. Stanford kayak gitu slightly similar.

Oh yes, because it is located in the South of the city of Singapore, not frenzied here life is not sepadat in the middle of the city. A great option for those of you who want a little peace in the midst of frenzied activity in the density of the city state of Singapore of sorts.

This Polytechnic has 10 school equivalent of the Faculty and one special Department of teaching. The school consists of the areas of design, leading, art, chemistry, communication media, architecture and others.

Good info for those of you who are looking for an existing College majoring in kemaritimannya, here they have a Maritime Academy school. One of the best in Singapore. Oh yes, this College has given rise to 150,000 graduates since its foundation.

Proven, they are in the year 2010 awarded President Award due to activeness on a number of environmental issues and clean water. However, the most awarded even dabbling in the world of media and entertainment. Even a Singapore Idolwinner, Taufik Batisah Polytechnic graduates.

7. The Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA)

Well if this one is not just imitating the model of MIT as well as SUTD. But really this College is collaboration between the Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, and the Massachusetts Institute for Technology.

This cooperation resulted in a new research-based universities. Their location was one location with the Nanyang Technology University.

So the story in the year 1998 the cooperation of both started, especially to develop the local economy in Singapore. Own teaching also comes from three colleges. So the next College this is not referred to as Polytechnic or Institute. But a combined (Alliance) together to develop its main purpose, namely to develop the local economy.

Pretty unique Yes, considering Indonesia’s vast range of collaborations like this are unheard of. If there is usually limited to cooperation between the new Department or program. Oh yes, in college there are several programs such as Engineering Computing (unlike lho ya with computer science), computational and systems biology, systems technology and manufacturing, etc.

A bit tricky Yes keilmuannya. Department-based systems, because here at him more into research and development of the local economy are complex. Although students who studied here including a little (approximately 100-200 students only), however this competition included strict lho …

Well, it could be said of the College the result of collaboration of three leading universities of the world this is the right choice for you who want to take the double degreeprogram. Good for level S1, S2 (Dual Masters programs) or Doctoral (PhD programs). But to take that program, students should actually graduate between NUS or NTU. So it’s more appropriate as a secondary college for both MIT graduates or the alumni themselves.

8. The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

best universities in Singapore Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Hehe … Perhaps because of yesteryear we discuss College have cooperation and collaboration with MIT, I got to thinking this is also not much different from the one above. It was not just his name, it is kind of similar. But this is not an MIT quality KW goods “Made In China” lho ya. Kyakyakyakya …

Farewell, not at all. The College stands in May 2009 this even had a cooperation with a number of leading universities in the world. The main University of the US, the United Kingdom or Germany. So even though the age of the Institute still whole corn, but the quality of her education assured.

In addition to the title of Bachelor degree (Bachelor degree) itself is guaranteed and recognised by the University partner SIT. Weh, if it is applied in Indonesia, there is probably no longer the institution false or phony diploma sellers. Wakkk

For example, the Department of nursing, a bachelorof her recognized the University of Glasgow in Scotland (United Kingdom). For the Department of chemical engineering, bachelor‘s degree-his recognized University of Munich in Germany and so on.

So both in terms of quality or title which later received its student, future is assured and implies the increasing quality of the institution, the Department even graduates. The right choice for you who want to study in College not far from the homeland, but the quality is not inferior to the best universities in the world.

The Institute’s location in the Drover this Drive has some departments such as engineering, art, information, chemicals and so on. All the program is intended for those who take the program D3. Especially if you majored in engineering, they have many departments of this scientific branch.

Well, even though they recently opened a program S1 (Graduate programs) in the year 2015, the reality of this college enter the 10 best College in the Singapore version of Webometrics. Quite surprising considering their age who recently entered the age of 7 years. Small curly chilies (cayenne pepper can continue). Hehehe …

9. The Singapore Institute for Management (SIM)

best universities in Singapore Singapore Institute for Management (SIM)

The Institute is in fact already stood long enough. The College is located at Clementi Road, Singapore was established since 1964. Founded by a private institution named the Singapore Economic Development Board.

As well as SIT, this College had the same concept with several universities in the US and Europe (primarily United Kingdom) to ensure quality and quality. The difference if the SIT-DOWN still dwelling on the equivalent degree D3 or this SIM in S1, you can take the title Master. Of course with the same concept as the SIT.

Some of the courses offered at this College for Undergraduate level, among other arts, communication, sports and art marketing, economics and so on. Because this college-based business, it’s no wonder what majors always has to do with economics or business. For his master’s programs include Business management techniques, Digital Marketing, and international business.

Oh yes, for cooperation with this college like the University of Manchester, the University of Warwick and the University of Birmingham and more.

10. The Temasek Polytechnic (TP)

best universities in Singapore Temasek Polytechnic (TP)

It seems colleges in Singapore is unique. More polytechnic institutes and dominated. Well, Temasek Politechnic is located in Tampines Avenue, Singapore. Not far from Tampines Square so hangout well-known Singapore citizens.

Founded in 1990, it is the Polytechnic’s third oldest Polytechnic in the land of the Merlion. This Polytechnic is arguably broad enough, about 33 acres. Besides, it student who inhabit this Polytechnic there are about 15,000 students. Pretty much Yes, especially for the size of the school (remember this is not a University, Polytechnic).

Though once they have 6 school equivalent of the faculty with a variety of majors. Among other business, design, engineering, Informatics and IT, as well as the social sciences and humanities. Since this is a Polytechnic, then the pre-eminent orientation offered this college course in engineering. Ranging from electrical engineering, mekatronik to aviation (flight) they have it. Oh yes, all the majors here are intended for those of you who want to take the program D3.

Business, design and technology. Maybe three words which are suitable to describe the College in Singapore. Although the average age of the College here young, but they have a clear and unique concept. Mainly to improve the quality of education and graduates. Interested in a lecture in the country this Merlion? …

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