Bussiness for student

Business for Student


English Acaddemic Indonesia — Running a business sounds like we are ready to spend most of our time. Clear ideas also needed before building the business. While some students are afraid of starting the business, others are extremely keen to start. This can be happening because of different opportunity that students have and different need that they have to fulfill.

If you are university students, focusing on your hobby is needed so that you will find the path guiding you to the opportunity. In the end, you will attain the idea from your hobby to carry out the business. And this is your decision whether or not to start the business.

Following hobby in business will lead us to be more tough when there is accident or unexpected event. We will still keep the business because we know that this is our passion. In addition, another advantage is passion will avoid us from the boredom.

Some students are afraid to carry out the business due to the reason of time they have to spend and also the certain amount of capital they have to expense. Actually, the process of conducting business totally depends on our planning. We can choose to limit the time of carrying out the business and our study in the university, or we can choose to integrate both of them. it depends on our goal of business.

About expense of money, we could start the business with the very simple idea. For example, become a distributor of clothes. We try to bridge the clothe production and the customer by using the social media. We establish the brand instead.

We choose the unique clothes that are really happening in the trend of youth today, and then manage the supplier partner and learn the market identification. The technology used also help us to multitask the business while studying. So, beside cheap expenses, the benefit is we can really limit the time spent for business.

After graduating from the University, many scholars regret because of lack of experience on business. Decision to be entrepreneur after graduating is not bad idea, but embarking the business while being a student is far better to learn.

A lot of advantages if we already have business experiences during studying in the university, one of them is we know better about the market, about the real situation and implementation of the idea. We can say that the younger you start the business, the better entrepreneur you are in the future. Because successful entrepreneur also determined by the experience.

The trend business today becomes more unlimited. The ideas are getting out of the box. In the business class, not only dominated by big investors, the broad business also won by the youth initiated from very small business.

Undeniably, youths have more advantages on marketing the business because they have ability in utilizing technology. On the other hand, starting to be an entrepreneur is not an easy way for youths. If you are a student which is trying to be an entrepreneur, there are some considerations that you need to think before executing the business.

The first one is start with the idea. Almost all business is embarked with the idea, even small business is started with an idea. By making clear concept, it will help you understand the business model in order the output prediction will be precise. Creating business with a new idea will generate public attention.

But if it is difficult to brainstorm the idea, we can also start with the existing idea. However, we still need to modify the idea into the better one, just try to make something new on the existing idea. We can just observe the concept, evaluate, then modify, and adopt the concept.

The idea usually started with the general one, afterward we have to make it more narrow. Because the principle is make the idea becomes restricted. The more specific the idea, the more clearance of purpose that we will obtain.

Nevertheless, we have to make sure that which sort of existing business that lead in the market, especially business with the same idea like our concept. We have to look at the opportunity whether we can do it better than others.

For students, the idea usually come up with the broad concept. No wonder that they frequently stuck with the amount of money that they have to spend. Because the concept is too broad, therefore, no matter how big it is your idea, we have to make it simpler and as specific as possible so that the gap between idea and expense planning will drop.

Second, create the entire plan. The entire plan mostly comprises the market target, the financial effort to run business and the location of business.

The youth of today are really enthusiastic with their passion in carrying out the business yet sometimes forget to determine what sort of market that they will attain. For sure, we need to research the market, the competition and seek the solution.

Besides, the entire plan specifically will talk about prevention steps when there are stumbling blocks. There is no need to deeply learn the obstacle prediction but it is important to note that, at least we can possibly identify the type of obstacle that will emerge.

The another important thing, the financial effort should be ensured safely for embarking the business. Whether to borrow, or by using your own saving money, which is probably few because students have not yet the permanent income. In this case, it is important to you to make sure that your saving will cover the entire business until some earnings will be the cash flow of business.

Third, evaluate your whole planning, what is the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities, and the threats. If it is important, get the assistance and counseling from the relations. Sharing and advice would be very helpful on starting the business. Furthermore, business cannot be carried out alone, we need to have the partner or even business community. It will influence on your marketing and your support.

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