Impressive Layout to Improve the Comfortness of Our Home

Impressive Layout to Improve the Comfortness of Our Home


Englis Academic Indonesia — Since the beginning of time, people are trying to make their place of living as comfort as possible. At the prehistoric period, people only care about how to keep them save from the dark of the night and from the predator.

They chose a big cave as their place of living. From that cave, they create their own art by painting the wall of the cave. The wall in which the first media of their civilization. Something that can give them a lot of time to contemplate with nature and God itself and that’s the first impressive layout ever been built by the man.

Well, men after that were moving from the cave life. They were then trying to get themselves settled when they were building cities or a group of community living nearby river or any springs to support their life.

They were then start to get some art on their community by building their first layout to make themselves comfortable against the dizzy wind or hot summer with woods and usually, they had their own decoration for their city hall-like interior by adding some animal skull or anything that can beautify. It is the more advance layout at that time.

After all, nowadays, men are now moving to more advance layout with more advance technology they found. One of the technology they found is the LED light. It can also be used to improve the layout of their interior.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the most up to date interior design that can be used by you to improve the comfortness of your interior with the more natural and beauty design you have never imagined before.

Well, no more time wasting now, let’s get it started:

  1. The first up to date interior layout has to do with the functionality of the bright. The use of to much energy will drain your money and our health. Therefore, the layout of the room with a lot of bright in the day will reduce our use of electricity bill.
  2. The second one of that the interior room layout with artificial energy. This artificial energy is the fire itself. If you are living in subtropical or even artic country. Having fireplace in your room interior will be a good advantage to face the hard and cold winter during December to January. Moreover, using gas over and over shall drain your wallet as well.
  3. Men love art and colour. Therefore, the interior layout without colour will be the body without soul. The next up to date interior layout you must apply is the simple room full of colour. It will blow your mind immediately.
  4. A room full colour might only apply for those who believe in the combination of the coloud. For those who don’t believe in the wild colour combination, choosing the mild colour like blue sky will be a good choice they can take so far.
  5. If you have big room and you want to add as many as possible furniture you want. It will not be a great problem. However, if you are living in a city where you can only add a small furnitures, don’t take it personally. Having a small space means that you still can have a magnificent interior layout anyway.
  6. Another thing you can add for your interior layout is that having a pale colour. By using pale colour like gray or white, you can find peacefulness in your woom. Anyway, this colour also reflects light, so it will make your room brighter in a sunny day.
  7. Another colour you can use is the small bohemian colour. The bohemian is well known for its colour combination with the art. Well, slavian are also known for their masterpiece like the Janaek Simfionietta. Therefore, it will be a great idea to apply for the sake of your room.
  8. Well if you think that the bohemian room interior layout is a bit out to date. You can also combine it with the modern style. Therefore you would not feel like you are living in the mid 16th century by applying this style.
  9. If you think that you still want the wild room without giving it to many wild colour on the wall. You can just put the furnitures with wild colour to your room so you will light your room with fiery colour. Problem solved and everybody’s happy.
  10. If you have a lot of money, then you can do anything, including doing anything with the room interior layout. Adding luxury stuff and furnitures will add elegance in your room. Moreover, it will give ultimate elegance for the user of the room anyway. With the combination of the neutral colour, you can get it done as fast as possible.
  11. Just like the first room, this interior room layout with opened-style room is also the best choice for the modern life now. The reason is that you can save more money and get healthier life by applying such a room.
  12. Everybody loves France. Therefore, the room interior layout with french style will be a good choice to be chosen for you. This kind of room emphasizes the neutral colour with elegant fireplace and several sofas around it to make you as comfort as possible to gather with your family members.
  13. Mixing the feminime accent with the modern accent will always be the great bold choice you can make. This kind of mixing of room interior layout will blow your mind away. With the strong component of neutral colour combined with a lot of women’s ornament.
  14. The interior room layout combined with the modern pop art means that you will make the image of yourself as the art lover. The lover of art means that you are a high quality person. Therefore, no matter what kind of art you like. If you apply it to your room. It will still make the good image on you.
  15. Tradition will always stays in our heart. Therefore, having the interior room layout furnished with traditional furnitures will be a good choice for you to get close with your ancestor.

Those are the choices to make your room much more comfortable. If you have one to choose. Pick one better. Have fun on choosing what you are about to like.

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