What is International Relations

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations


International Relations – have you ever heard any prospect of the work of international relations? When will we yet discussed here previously, we will give an introduction in advance.

What is International Relations

Choose majors there certainly hopes about being what after graduate. Work after graduating from TAFE high is a phase of life in waiting for by most students.

Often the students who will be treading on the bench often lectures the dilemma in choosing majors. What’s often a lot of aspects regarding the prospects of graduates.

International relations is a Department that is sought after by many. Power tawarnya as discuss about how to build a relationship between countries with good and right with the hope of being able to cooperate.

Employment prospects for international relations could also be to find out the existing development, UN in other countries in order to be applied in the country of their own. Both in the field of social, legal, economic, or political.

A student of international relations certainly understand related anything work prospects for international relations.

Study international relations, capable of generating mutually beneficial bilateral relations with emphasis on common issues. Social issues, economics, law and politics became a public issue in the employment prospects of international relations.

Anything related to the issues that are being developed are also studied, not only as the culture and values in a country.

Employment Prospects For International Relations (Linear)

Careers in International Relations

Employment prospects for international relations that is able to understand, explain and analyze the various phenomena of international relations.

Sector governance, research, education and other sectors, national and international level also requires work prospects for international relations.

How to berdiplomasi and negotiate well and very true note, because it can form a mutually beneficial relationship between the two camps.

Some courses such as, international business, international law, foreign policy became the work prospects of supporting international relations. Please note that the employment prospects of graduates of international relations is not limited to be a diplomat, but is also capable to various other sectors. Diverse competencies at bekalkan both in the social and political field can be applied in a variety of work environments.

Following the work prospects of international relations that can be in the know and often unfamiliar with it.

1. Diplomat (Ambassador)

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations

The diplomat is a job to represent the country in other countries or in the international organizations. Knowledge of concepts, theories, as well as the perspective of HI will definitely be found in practice.

2. International Officer

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations International Officer

An International Officer have the prospect of a special work to deal with the case as well as international issues. Working in some of the agencies such as the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies or Consulates. The right position for this profession is a graduate of international relations itself.

3. Negotiators

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations Negosiator

A negotiator has the prospect of international relations working in the roles of the interests of the institution that it represents. Negotiator in bringing and embody the interests of not only limited to the environment of the Government, but also in contact with the private sector.

4. The journalist (journalist)

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations The journalist (journalist)

Human needs be hausnya good information related to the State of the Union as well as the issues that developed in all domains. Employment prospects for international relations is able to make graduates a journalist or reporter.

Accustom yourself to think critically of looking at a problem, issue or case. This certainly requires information related to state issues are also growing in the international sphere.

5. Researchers

What is International Relations and Careers

For the sake of the nation’s progress teciptanya the fair and civilized international relations work, prospects able to became a reliable researcher in his field.

Emergence of the wide range of international issues also need to be in balance with the emergence of a critical stance to seek a way out of the problems that long layover.

Most likely the results of such research be used internationally as the right solution over the issues that exist.

6. Lecturer

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations Lecturer

Lecturer is a glorious and Honorable work. Besides being useful for other people, could also be to hone both science experience owned as academics.

The prospect of his work are also not far from the results of the study at the Department of international relations. After a study of S2, capabilities can apply for as a lecturer with all knowledge and experience.

7. The expert staff

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations The expert staff

Become the expert staff is a job that can be found in the environment of the Member of the legislative or executive level within the region as well as the Centre. The prospect of working in the field of international relations expert staff includes collecting information, analyzing, providing advice, and recommendations.

8. The International Consultant

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations The International Consultant

The profession of an International Consultant is very important in international relations between countries, especially the associated problems. The prospect of his work can also be said to be promising, especially for the graduates of international relations.

In addition to memcegah the presence of the international conflicts was also able to resolve conflicts between fellow countries. A consultant can also act as an escort, an adviser in the International relationship.

9. International businessman

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations International businessman

Work in the business sector have become an alternative to the various existing job prospects, including graduates of international relations. In addition, it can also be an alternative to the existing government sector around life. Graduate students can enter HI international business in the world because it has provided the international knowledge economy and international business.

10. Embassy staff

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations Embassy staff

Become an Embassy staff has diverse position, is initiated from the administrative to the analysis. The atmosphere as well as the international layer in the work environment is very pronounced because the work in place of a stranger, even though the location is still in Indonesia. English ability be a benchmark that is absolute for all workers in this field.

11. The analysis of the

What is International Relations and Careers The analysis

Pattern analysis is identifying and elaborating issues in order to reach a solution. The analysis has several positions such as risk analysis, analysis of the program.

Place the work prospects of international relations in the areas of analysis include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, national organizations, multinational companies and others. The ability to analyze owned graduates HI relating to subjects about perspective and the theory of HI.

Thematic courses such as development studies, Strategic Management, Cultural conflicts, especially useful in the field of analysis.

A multidisciplinary international relations is the analysis of IR, then that’s the one that taught i.e. thematic subjects. The prospect of work not far from the ability to analyze the problems of social, political, or economic is happening.

12. Government Relations Officer

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations Government Relations Officer

Government Relations Officer was a job as a liaison to the strained relations between the institutions represented by the Government of the region.

Foreign companies operating in Indonesia, as well as local governance is an institution that takes this position. In addition to its strategic position, is also closely related to the political system in Indonesia. The process of policy making and the actors who are in HI is an existing institution.

Work prospects for international relations places this one in local governance, College, national or multinational companies. Related social relations among countries, sectors in this field has enough capacity in sambung-menyambung. Taka surefire if this position a lot are meminati.

It should be understood that the fine work of international relations, the prospects are very broad. Can be categorized into two groups, namely the prospect of linear and non-linear prospects. The categorization is based on the relationship between scientific international relations with how far the work prospects of international relations.

Employment Prospects For International Relations (Non-Linear)

Careers in International Relations in study

The prospect of linear i.e. with regard to the science of international relations. While the prospect of a non-linear i.e. prospect to the outside of the fields of international relations.

Employment prospects for international relations in other fields such as Bureaucrats, bankers, politicians, Entrepreneurs, Bank Employees or consultants. Program of study to achieve the prospects of many international relations work was at the University both public or private.

Graduate international relations apart from the plot in the sector with scientific HI, often also working outside the field of keilmuannya. That is, it does not mean dipeoleh science in the Department of HI unused at all.

But a little out of context, and the rest obtained during studying in the HI still could be utilized. As ever submitted that there is no science or knowledge is vain, will certainly be useful wherever and whenever its time later.

What factors led to the phenomenon of a career outside the sectors field?. Well, usually a group of graduates working outside this field, tend to follow his passion or existing capabilities. Can also even out considerably or no relation at all with the Department of international relations was ever taken.

There are several positions outside the usual HI fields taken by graduates of international relations. Some lists work prospects are common in much of its graduates HI namely as:

1. Start Up Online business

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations Start Up Online business

Become a freelance worker who nature has many advantages both in terms of time or place. Sometimes there are also constraints that exist related to the consumer because there are no dealers ‘ directly.

This field may also get into by graduates with disabilities in international relations. Oomph into scourge staple also knowledge gained in the field of HI can also be tersalurkan by the existence of transactions with consumers from many different countries.

2. Employees of the Bank

What is International Relations and Careers in International Relations Employees of the Bank

Become a bank employee, usually in a much expected by the graduates of the accounting or economic based. But not only limited to that, for graduates of HI can also enter the world banking sector.

Many graduates of HI or economics or accounting for the much-coveted professions in the world bank. Many say working in a bank is a favorite of all college graduates.

The position became a prima donna in programs that attract the best graduates-graduates to dikader as menajer bank. The prospect of work that guarantee Department HI Moreover can also be in a position of teller and marketting.

Working in the banking sector for graduates HI when the associated material related to international economics or economics. With the prospect of similar places work such as in private bank or a State-owned bank.

3. Marketing

Careers in International Relations Marketing

Working as marketing related to the ability of communication, persuasion, and analysis. This ability indirectly competencies that have been acquired by the graduates of HI on the bench during the lecture.

The ability of marketing is absolutely needed, almost all companies opened a vacancy for the position. Generally any all departments can access the position. There are no qualifications specifically required. So it became position nampaklah main target for those who want to get a job soon.

4. Career in virtual worlds

Careers in International Relations Career in virtual worlds

The existence of cyberspace has been able to open up opportunities for graduates in the profession want to HI as an online entrepreneur. Society until in the age of productive can recognize and connect to the internet. Great opportunities open to anyone who is able to access the internet, especially online businesses.

Service as a contributor to the online media such as writing on the blog. Related knowledge of HI, make a tutorial that has to do with learning about material HI can tersalurkan through cyberspace.

HI most likely graduates have unlimited capabilities, depending on how creative each in the distributes his inspiration. An active role at the prospect of being able to hold his work by graduates.

5. The teacher

Study International Relations The teacher

Becoming a teacher is a profession that has its own pride, since it has a position honored and glorified. The teaching profession has not meant a position in accordance with the knowledge gained during the study in the academic world. Many are graduates of the undergraduate and graduate and certified by who can be a teacher. Other factors not due on aspects of competence is more emphasized.

HI graduates are also able to travel the world teaching as a teacher, because it is still closely also on citizenship education, sociology, and English. Private school or tutoring institutions of the country and could become the site of the prospect of work.

6. Public Relations (public relations)

Study International Relations Public Relations (public relations)

A graduate in international relations can be placed as agents of Public Relations or community relations in some government agencies. State-owned companies as well as private sector also requires the profession in another instance.

Communications child HI SL, diplomatic language style becomes the basis of ties with international relations. Her duties as a representative on the institution of the place of work to the community.

7. Instructor, Interpreter and translator Languages United Kingdom

Study International Relations Instructor, Interpreter and translator Languages United Kingdom

English ability has its own selling power. Students diligently improve the potential of berbahasaa during the period of education taakan ever losers. Especially for student HI, will feel the benefits when the graduate. With kecakapn English, HI graduates can enter the English language instructor at the Institute of English language courses.

There is also the opportunity to become service translator oral or writing. Students of international relations also has advantages in the areas of vocabulary and the scope of the themes of discussion.

Thus, no doubt due to the knowledge that in May during the period of study helps to provide a translation of the pas. The prospect of employment in this sector in order to be able to reach much of an audience.

Places that fit the position of this institution in the field of English language courses and Services Bureau translators. Cross cultural communication-related knowledge is also very helpful in interpreting. Because this work also as well its relationship with various ethnic, cultural or different countries.

The author can describe related prospects of employment especially for students majoring in international relations. Much experience in akdemis dibangku can, then do not get missed.

Biography of every individual must be different, with some good effort, confidence, also pastilalah tawakkal is achieved all the thinking and ideals. As for the prospect on the take and do not correspond to the areas concerned, would also have very little to do.

Be any later, the most important IE don’t forget on the surrounding environment. Relationships with fellow human beings are intimately connected to the environment of social need in fertilizers from the beginning.

Regardless of how students have the burden of responsibility to the community to prosper life. The purpose of getting an education in the world akdemis none other to serve on the nation and the State.

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