Best Universities in Finland University of Tampere (Tampereen Yliopisto)

10 Best Universities In Finland


Best Universities In Finland  Technically, the nation of Finland is still closely related to the nation of Sweden that is located just to the West of the country. They even once in one of the same power, namely, the Kingdom of Sweden. In other words, they have the blood of the Vikings despite being different in culture, culture and language.

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There are only two words and one familiar name in the author’s ear about Finland. Two words it is a “Nokia” and “Linux”, as well as one that name was Martti Ahtisaari. Hehehe, who does not know Nokia? All know the brand of mobile later began to rise again this comes from this country.

I even still have the Mobile brand. Very durable! (Remember this is not a mere promotion, intermezzo, hehehe)

Linux? Yep, the operating system code is open I had ever student when CMS. Even to this day the author still toupdate some of the versions. A rival to Windows and Apple is also derived from this country. Arguably, this is the land of the technocrats of the computer.

When Martti Ahtisaari? Now he himself is one of the central figures of the peace between the free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Government of Indonesia reserved return Aceh to the bosom of mother earth. Yes, it could be said we owe him a lot.

For me without two words and one name, maybe the author would never know where and what it is Finland.

How the question of education? It goes without asked, I just present data just let ndak on curious. Hehehe, according to a survey conducted of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2006 declared Finland as a country with the world’s best education system, especially in terms of the level of reading a book.

That’s not including the cost of his education. Yes, the country is more extreme than that of Germany for this affair, it’s free!. Even for foreign students, many advantages that cannot be had if we study in other countries. Ranging from the cost of living to discounted fees for trivial affairs such as transportation, meals and so on.

The Government of Finland is indeed much to allocate the revenue the country for education aka Education FirstNo wonder people there most had equal higher education S1 and S2.

In addition in terms of the level of corruption, the country is the lowest level of corruption, according to Transparency International institutions. Imagine, a degree really reflects his behaviour!.

Although in terms of their economy a little more slowly than other European countries, the country is still very stable considering the low level of corruption and supported a good quality of education.

Not even wrong maybe we should learn a lot about the education system there. We certainly yearn for an education system that truly reflect behavior. Not even used for mutual education menjegal, dropped much less create prestige-gengsian. But it’s really useful and good for others and all the people.

Educational System truly reflects their behaviour, that Finland

The 10 Best Universities in Finland

Well, interesting story and a bit of a right existing in Finland facts?, Yep this is the 10 universities in Finland that can be your college recommendations if you are interested to learn there.

1. The University of Helsinki (Helsingin Yliopisto)

Best Universities in Finland University of Helsinki (Helsingin Yliopisto)

So far there are only a few University world who has the nickname of 3T, that is the best, largest, and oldest. Hehehe, University of Helsinki includes one of them. Yep, this is the best University, the largest and oldest in the country this White Goose.

Founded in 1640, in fact it still exists the intervention of Imperial Sweden when its founding. Its founder was Queen Christina of Sweden. Yes, that time is indeed the northern European region still dominated by the Kingdom of Sweden, including Finland.

Originally the University stands in the capital of Finland, this name is located almost To the AcademyIt was established primarily for the benefit of the Church. So their Department regarding theology, law, philosophy, science and such. Similarly to the old University in Europe in General.

There are about 35,000 students who studied in this College. Currently the University has 11 faculties, containing arts, law, medicine, social sciences, biology, science, medicine, agriculture and the like.

Uniquely in the University’s Faculty of biology and pharmacy thus stands apart from the Faculty of science. Unlike the Faculty of science in homeland that tends to overshadow both. However, with biology majors and pharmaceuticals at the University so more specific and their Department more to its application (applied sciences).

According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) puts the University in a world ranking of 56. Competitive once huh?, besides the University is known in Europe as one of the universities that lots of his contributions to the development of modern technology.

Awarded himself has successfully holds the Nobel title from 5 different areas. The average awarded is a well-known mathematician, and politicians of the world. Interesting options for those of you who are interested in science, according to the author of “intricate scientific knowledge”. Hehehe, good lho …

2. Aalto University (Aalto Yliopisto)

Best Universities in Finland Aalto University (Aalto Yliopisto)

The University’s actual age was still very young. Despite that, the University had a long history. LOH gimana sih story? Hehehe, so here goes the story.

The University was originally a combination of the three other colleges in the city of Espoo and Helsinki. These three universities that merged it all is an old University. Among others, Helsinki University of Technology who founded in 1849, Helsinki School of Economy founded in 1904, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki a standing 1871.

Well in the past 2010, the three old college merged into one, as we see today. The time Finance Minister of Finland, Anne Brunila looked at that in the country the White Geese are already too many institutions of higher education.

He then proposes to conduct a merger of several colleges. Until in the end third quarter University in the city of Espoo and Helsinki were merged into one. Ow so his story, hehehe …

The University’s own take on the name of an architecture, the son of the famous person’s name there, Alvar Aalto. The main orientation of this College is entrepreneurshipThe right choice for you who want to become entrepreneurs or CEOs.

Students who studied here about 20,000 people. For the size of Finland may be much for a large number of already included. Given the University of Helsinki only charge 10,000 more aka 30,000 students.

It has 6 schools or school of art and architecture design, technology, business, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and science. Minus the social sciences, pure sciences and branches of science and art, of course.

Awarded have grabbed one title of Nobel. Most awarded are designers and entrepreneurs from various fields. Fitting indeed if you studied here and want to be a businessman.

3. The University of Oulu (Oulun Yliopisto)

The University is standing tall in the city of Oulu. Its location is on the northern part of Finland, in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia. If not mistaken, this is where the manufacturer Nokia stands. One of the largest colleges in the country this White Goose.

The University was established in 1919. Founded by the Assembly of the existing schools in this city of Oulu, Oulu College AcademyThe University is famous for its vegetation or lab forms are often called botanical garden.

Its shape is similar to the pyramids in Egypt, but are made of glass. Unique, Yes? Building the University also adopted an eco-friendly style. Suitable for those who like to feel natural while enjoying enrolled in the vicinity. It feels peaceful lecture here, hehehe ….

The University has 15,000 students. In addition the College has 6 faculties covering Humanities, science, technology, medicine, education, and business. For the Department of medicine, the branch can be said to be very complete. Starting from the biomedical, clinical, dental, and medical diagnosis. Suitable for those who want to be a doctor.

However, the University is thus notable for the Faculty of technology. Why? The University provides more specific majors towards the telecommunications and technology industries. Suitable also for those who want to learn our pertelekomunikasian problem still encountered many constraints. Hmm …

Awarded is also not far from the field of telecommunications. One degree is awarded the Nobel prize won by what I call in the beginning, Martti Ahtisaari. In addition many writers and musicians also Finland originating from the University.

4. The University of Turku (down Yliopisto)

Well if one University was established in an old city. Standing in the city of Turku, located in the South of Finland. The College also holds the status as the second largest University in Finland.

Although the University was officially founded in 1920, in fact are the de facto University already exists since the year 1640. That time its name was The Royal Academy of Turku.

But in 1827, the University moved to Helsinki the capital because of fire that hit the city of Turku. Well, it was only in 1920 it was founded back in the city of Turku and embraced the modern education system.

There are currently seven faculties overshadowing it. Among other areas of law, science and mathematics, social science, medicine, humanities, education and the economy. In my opinion, there are two majors that caught my attention.

Here you can learn the study of Asia. Quite interesting because the Department usually only exist in countries that have a direct relationship with Asia (the colonizers as well as bilateral relations directly meaning Red) range of Germany, the Netherlands, and so on.

In addition to Asian studies, there is good news for those of you who are having trouble finding the courses related to the academic grammar of boga. The University offers majors. One of the courses (oddly enough) are very rare in the country.

Create are hooked to eat may also be added to the menu. Hehehe … Gratitude-gratitude can develop technology as well as the diversity of food in the country. Classy right? Oh yes, those students who studied here about 20,000 people.

Awarded themselves were mostly politicians in the land of the White Swan. Even two of them was the President of Finland on its own.

5. The University of Jyväskylä (Jyväskylän Yliopisto)

Best Universities in Finland University of Jyväskylä (Jyväskylän Yliopisto)

As the name implies, this University stands in the city of Jyväskylä. Its position if seen from a map is located in the central part of Finland. One of the famous University in the country with white Swans.

The University was founded in 1863 under the name of Teacher SeminaryFrom its name, the main orientation of this College can already guess. Aye, a teacher training school in Indonesia referred to with the school of teacher education or SPG (remember this is not a sales Yes that is, hihihi) in the 1970s. so keilmuannya more into education and is highly recommended for those who want to become teachers or prospective educators.

There are roughly 24,000 students enrolled here. The College has a faculty consisting of six academic Humanities and social sciences, information technology, education and psychology, sport and health sciences, science and mathematics and a Faculty of business and economics.

The interesting one here the existence of the Department of sports. Suitable for those who want to be a gym teacher, considering the majors again this is very rare in the country. Recommended also for those interested in continuing the S2 or who want to become professors. Because the University is a major reference in there for educators and teachers.

Awarded were not far from the world of education. Aalvar Aalto a well-known architect in Finland the name perpetuated the name University there (University of Aalto) is actually a college alumni.

6. the Tampere University of Technology (Tampereen Teknillinen Yliopisto)

Best Universities in Finland Tampere University of Technology (Tampereen Teknillinen Yliopisto)

We are now into the city of Tampere, its location is on the South side of the White Swan country. One of the most populous city in Finland, as well as an industrial centre there.

The University itself was founded in 1960 with the name Yhteiskunnallinen Korkeakoulu (Guaranteed hard once reading, hihihi). That time was the city of Tampere after World War II transformed into an industrial city that is very important for Finland.

So there is need for the University direction aimed at engineering and industry. Therefore, the University is standing up while you support the development of business and industry in the city. Another Stanford twins from Finland. Hehehe …

The University has four faculties of engineering, economics, science and business. Remember, the name of the College was actually already known of the orientation. Yep, more emphasis on technique. The right choice for you who want to study of the various techniques in the industry. Oh yeah almost forgot, it is inhabited by approximately 9,000 students.

According to the Times Higher Education (THE), the University is ranked the 11th best in the world in terms of collaboration with industry. In addition, according to the QS World Academic Rankings, the University was ranked as the world’s youngest University’s 50 best. Already young, internationally as well. Hehehe …

Awarded myself most is music entrepreneur in technology or communications. The CEO of Nokia and a number of officers of the company in Finland is an engineering-based University alumni.

7. University of Tampere (Tampereen Yliopisto)

Best Universities in Finland University of Tampere (Tampereen Yliopisto)

The University is still a city of the same University. In fact, the older and more orientation to social sciences. Would like a life partner complement each other so. Mode baper ya, hehe …

This University was originally named Civic College (kayak brand car, hehehe …) or in Finnish (Finland) referred to as the KansalaiskorkeakouluStanding in the capital of Finland, Helsinki in 1925.

But in 1960, the University was moved to the city of Tampere. Since that time its name was also changed as we now see. City of Tampere would have two complementary University it above, that one of the orientation technology, other social sciences.

The University has around 20,000 students. The system is similar to most universities in the U.S. that uses the term school or schoolThere are nine schools here, ranging from social and Humanities, media and communications, medicine, management, education, biomedical technology, information technology and others.

If this one is more recommended for friends who want to learn the social sciences as well as the branch such as communication, management, language and so on. But for those of you who wish to study health issues, biomedical Department available here which again is rarely heard in the homeland.

Awarded itself a politician in the land of the White Swan. Even one Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen was named the University’s alumni.

8. The University of Eastern Finland (Itä-Suomen Yliopisto)

Best Universities in Finland University of Eastern Finland (Itä-Suomen Yliopisto)

As the name implies, the University sits there in the East of Finland. Exactly there is different in the three cities, namely, Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna. One of the relative age of the University is still very young.

The new stand in 2010, the University is the result of merging two different universities. The University is the University of Joensuu is standing in the city of Joensuu, and the University of Kuopiostanding in the city of Kuopio.

The orientation of College is also unique, more to global challenges. Global challenges that question is the socialite lifestyle, community, cultural and environmental change. It’s what makes it different and suitable for those who are fond of the global phenomenon of a versatile dynamic.

There are about 15,000 students enrolled here. It has four different faculties: philosophy, science and forestry, health sciences, and social sciences and business. Well one more major in rare but much needed in the country, namely forestry.

Especially for you lovers of nature can be a reference to the lecture if you are interested to learn here. The focus of the environment provided suitable for you who want to learn about health sciences, medicine, the environment as well as natural sciences.

According to the QS World University Rankings, the Academic was the world’s youngest University best 46. Great huh? one more young University and world-from the land of the White Swan. Hehehe … Awarded themselves are mostly environmental, health experts and others.

9. The University Academy is located (located almost in the Academy)

Best Universities in Finland Åbo Akademi University (Åbo Akademi)

Back to the old town of Turku, there is one more University there. Just as the University of Helsinki, the University had any connection with Sweden. Uniquely, because the same Sweden University instruction instead of Finland, but Sweden. How can one?

When I read about the history of the University from several sources do indeed like it is. The College stands in this 1918 using Sweden as a prologue not because no nationalist. The origin of the idea, the city of Turku is a fraction of the people making the language of Sweden as one of the local languages other than the language of Finland as the language unity.

In addition to Sweden’s own people, the city of Turku is another name of the city is located. Since it was founded the influence of the Kingdom of Sweden of that time, then no wonder the town latched onto the culture of Swedianya. So it is not surprising that the University also uses the language of Sweden as the language of instruction degree due to the proximity of this complex. So …

If compared to other universities in Finland, students here are smaller in number. About 7,000 students only. There are four faculties of social sciences, overshadowing the arts, humanities, education, welfare, science, engineering, psychology, theology, business and economy.

One interesting there is a science of well-being. In Indonesia the usual known as the science of the Department of social welfare, including rare or rarely heard in the homeland.

Awarded myself mostly writers and scientists in the land of White Geese. There was also a theologian, became the most Protestant Christian Pastor Lutheran flow which happens to be embraced by the majority of the people of Finland.

10. Lappeenranta University of Technology (Lappeenrannan Teknillinen Yliopisto)

Best Universities in Finland Lappeenranta University of Technology (Lappeenrannan Teknillinen Yliopisto)

The University was founded in the southeast of the country this White Goose. It’s just that, standing in a city famous for its Lake, Lake Saimaa. At once a city bordering Russia on the East, respectively. So if you are in College here, can see the border of Finland and Russia. Interesting huh?

The University itself founded in 1969. Originally named Lappeenrannan Teknillinen Korkeakoulu, so up to now still the same orientation of the technology. It’s just that it’s more to the development of green technology and renewable. Another college environment-based aka Green Campus.

In fact, the University has a certificate of Environmental Management System environmental management system alias of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). See The WWF? The coat of arms depicts the Panda then? Aye, it could be said the campus is an environmentally friendly campus. Suitable for those who want to study environmental issues and nature.

There are three school aka school in college. Include technology, business and engineering. To own more specialized techniques in environmental engineering and its keilmuannya branch. So really the perfect school for you lovers of the environment who want to contribute to the nature. Hehehe …

Oh Yes here that there are far more small number of student body again. Only around 5,000 people, but suitable for you who want a University that is not too dense.

The average awarded is also not far from the three areas. The most numerous is the music entrepreneurand technocrat and a driving force in the field of the environment.


Simply complete the existing studies majors Yes in Finland. In terms of technological orientation, almost similar to that of Germany. But the environmental orientation of his life be a differentiator in this country White Swans.

I think it is necessary for those who want to learn about the environment for enrolled here. Given the issues this one quite seize our attention at a time when the increasingly inhospitable Kalimantan forest make the animals there. Gratitude-gratitude can improve the environment in our homeland more dirty.

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