Universities in South Korea

10 Best Universities in South Korea


Universities in South Korea — many of which South Korea classifies as a third country third country entered in the alias alias to the new independent States to develop. When in fact now South Korea is a developed country with economic growth is one of the best in Asia.

Universities in South Korea

In fact, the country was torn between the South and the brother of “komunisnya” which in the North that have a million charm development especially its human resources (HR). For example, who now is not familiar or KPop Boyband?

Who is not familiar with Park Ji Sung si football players to ever play at MU? The UN Secretary General or anyone that comes from South Korea? That question proves that South Korea had a superior HUMAN RESOURCES.

The same tight discipline with Japan may be the one that makes South Korea as a different country. Even students there since an early age already required to speak a foreign language.

Don’t be surprised when You get there, you will be accosted schoolboy who tried to talk to us in the language of the United Kingdom. This author ever read her story in a national newspaper. One form of adaptation of South Korea in setting up its HUMAN RESOURCES in the future.

10 best South Korea Univesitas

Well talking about higher education there, below are a list of the 10 best universities in the country, this version of ginseng Webometrics July 2017 which dikomparasi with a variety of other sources.

1. Seoul National University (Seoul Daehakgyo)

best universities in south korea Seoul National University (Seoul Daehakgyo)

We are direct to the capital of the country, namely Ginseng Seoul. There are the best universities in the country and enter 100 best universities in the world. Curious?

The University was founded in 1946. Even so the roots of the College has been in existence since the Joseon Dynasty, which also often we see in movies or tv series Korea historical backgrounds on our television. Hehehe, … The story in the time of King Gojong of Joseon Dynasty wanted to memordenisasi the institution of higher education in Korea.

Well then lays the first Academy in the country named Beopkwan Yangseongso in 1895. Is law school, until in the end stand other academies which include the science of medicine and the school of the teacher of the year of the establishment is also adjacent to the Academy of law. Long story short after World War II, the name of the College changed as we now see it.

Quite a number of students who studied here, which is about 27,000 student. There are 17 college -level as well as 16 schools covering the science of law, medicine, ecology, economics and business, art, music, politics, public administration, public health, engineering, humanities, social sciences and so on. That’s not including majors for master’s and doctoral programs are available more than 90 majors.

Oh yes for those of you who want to learn the science of Linguistics (linguistic) there’s good news, because the University is on the order of 16 world to modern language Department according to QS University Subject Rankings. In addition there is the pharmaceutical majors in 20 of the world rankings for the Department’s version of the same institution. The right choice for You who wish to study in the land of Ginseng.

Awarded most is music entrepreneur leading the country. The Secretary-General of the United Nations aka UNITED NATIONS (UN) Ban Ki-Moon is also a notable alumni of the University. Wah …

2. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST/Hanguk Gisurwon Gwahak)

university in south korea Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST/Hanguk Gwahak Gisurwon)

We are attacking the city of Daejeon, more precisely in the District of Daedeok. There is one college that specializes in the development of science of science and technology. Arguably this is the sister Institute of MIT of ground Ginseng, hehehe …

The College is actually a stand thanks to the cooperation between the Government of South Korea with the United States in 1971. The design of the College itself when early stand was designed by two academics named Frederick e. Terman, who was serving as Vice President of Stanford University and Chung Geum-Mo, a professor at the Brooklyn Polytechnic institutions. The practical orientation of the University be Western science and Institute the first standing in Korea.

Students who studied here there are approximately 10,000 students. There are about 6 college, 13 14 majors and equivalent departments of the school of science of science, math, science/environment, green business and management, nuclear science, Informatics and media, engineering, biology, chemistry, planetary science and so on.

Its main specialization is on engineering and computer, in which the Institute entered into a 30 rating of the world for the academic version of QS University Subject Rankings. The right choice for you who want to learn the science of science and technology.

Awarded most not far from academic science and technology. Yi So-Yeon a first astronaut from the land of Ginseng Sang Soo Oh, inventor of the call button (the DialPad) on internet phone is an alumni of the Institute. Wehh, what will become of the phone now without call button?

3. Yonsei University (Yeonse Dehakgyo)

best universities in south korea Yonsei University (Yeonse Dehakgyo)

Back to Seoul, there are the best private University in the land of Ginseng. Some even say the University is one of the oldest in South Korea.

The University was founded in 1885. Founded by a Protestant Christian Pastor Presbyterian streams named Horace Newton Allen. Initially he set up the University in conjunction with the establishment of the Western Hospital in Korea under the name of GwanghyewonWell while the University was originally named Yonhi College.

So was science master of medicine complete with House of pain. Unique, Yes? the University is also still affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and was merged with a similar College, so his name is similar to what we see now.

Students enrolled here if compared to other universities in South Korea are also very numerous, reaching about 38,000 students. It has about 16 college and 18 schools covering the science of medicine, theology, art, law, business, the arts, social sciences-social welfare, communications, media, humanities, science, pharmacy, biology and so on.

For academic medicine itself they have five hospitals. Is perfect for those of you who like to explore the science of medicine. Oh yes, the University is ranked 36 version Reuters in terms of most innovative universities in the world. Wuihh …

Awarded itself even dabbling in the world of entertainment. This means that the arts here are also great for you who want to pursue a career as an artist. Interested in?

4. Korea University (Goryeo Daehakgyo)

best universities in south korea Korea University (Goryeo Daehakgyo)

If this is one of the oldest colleges and institutions in South Korea. Have a name that is uniting (Korea, we knew Korea was divided into North and South territories each have their own Government, Red), so its name instead of “South Korea University” but “Korea University”. So the effect of implied message from the use of the name of the University.

Its original name when the stand is named Bosung CollegeFounded in 1905, the University is one of the most universities in nganjuk in ginseng. At the time of this College is the symbol of Japan’s colonization of Korea for nationalism. Many nationalists early Korea is and also the University’s alumni.

The College has more than 28,000 students. It has 17 schools or college which consists of various academic departments of science, law, business, nursing, biotechnology, politics, economics, journalism, computer science, teacher training, international study etc.

In Korea itself, the University is known for having the best law in the land of ginseng. The right choice for You who want to learn the science of law. In addition the University is also known for the most selective admissions Student Affairs. So completely filtered and choice as the top University in the world.

No wrong indeed, most awarded is the lawyer aka barrister and politician in the land of ginseng. The President of South Korea 10, Lee Myung-Bak is also an alumnus of the University.

5. University of Hanyang (Hanyang Daehakgyo)

best universities in south korea Hanyang University (Hanyang Daehakgyo)

Another private University in Central South Korea’s capital, Seoul. It seems there is no term student city and almost all the universities in nganjuk there “stacked” in the capital. Well his name is also metropolitan cities, the entire facility including education thus must exist. Hehehe …

One University took other names of Seoul in the Chosun dynasty that once ruled in the land of ginseng. Yep, the capital of South Korea is actually got another name “Hanyang”. Practically right? Hehe … the University would stand in this 1939 used this name since its foundation to the present.

Well, by the way the question of “the founding to the present” (ribet banget ya? hehehe …) this College have a specialization in the field of engineering. The right choice for you who like to enrolled engineering in the land of ginseng.

Students who studied here can be said quite a lot and rival Yonsei University for a number of affairs, i.e. approximately 34,000 students. There are 15 schools that houses hundreds of majors ranging from engineering, communication, social sciences, law, biomedical, international studies, journalism and communication, computer science, business, the arts and more.

Some of the unique majors for international students, there is a program of English-Chinese programs. The program allows the language used in the lecture consists of the language of the United Kingdom and China.

So it’s expected when You graduate is not only proficient in the skills that the group, but is also proficient in a foreign language the main United Kingdom and China. Interesting huh? Oh yes it was the 193 world version of QS World Academic Rankings in the year 2015. Weeehh …

Awarded most of the company’s top brass and music entrepreneur is in the land of ginseng. As well as not to miss the many artists boyband/girlband who is also an alumnus of the University. His name is also Korea, surely there are just notable Alumni so artist boyband. Hehehe …

6. Sungkyunkwan University (Seonggyungwan Daehakgyo)

best universities in south korea Sungkyunkwan University (Seonggyungwan Daehakgyo)

Colleges could say this one is the oldest university in the land of ginseng. But yes, in the Seoul again. Yep, there’s another uniqueness though so that will eksplor the author here.

In fact, the University is already established in 1398. Imagine, already 600 years the University stand up and just when the Joseon dynasty began in the land of Korea!. Currently even the age of defeat of Joseon Dynasty which was “only” 5 centuries. If the founder of the Joseon Dynasty was resurrected from the grave, what they said yes? hehehe …

Well, unlike other modern institution of higher education in Korea, the University was still maintaining his Confucian ideology as the hallmark of the campus. This is also reflected in the college motto is Humanity (Humanitarian), Righteousness (Goodness/Virtue), Propriety (Politeness), and Wisdom (wisdom). So ya see adem his motto?

There are approximately 27,000 students enrolled here. There are 12 schools and four colleges which include medical sciences, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and so on. For those of you who want to learn the science of business, it could be the right choice. Because according to the institutions of the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings, the University was ranked 1st in Korea for this affair.

In addition the University has a strong relationship with Korea’s leading companies such as Samsung. So get toupgrade industrial development appropriate graduates there. Cool huh?

Awarded most are politicians and entertainer in the country in depth. Recorded three of South Korea’s Prime Minister is an alumnus of the University. Don’t be surprised, classmates actor Song Joong-Ki are also graduates of the University. Wah …

7. the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH Pohang/Daehakgyo Gonggwa)

best universities in south korea Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH Pohang Gonggwa Daehakgyo)

Well, now we go to the city of Pohang on its location there are in the province of Gyeongbuk or North Gyeongsang province. The city is known as a port city and largest city of South Korea third at this University have not less good.

When compared to other colleges in Japan, this University including the youngest. Recently established in 1986 and founded by iron and steel company in South Korea called POSCO.

The time was the founder of this College wanted a University with areas of high technology. To realize these ambitions, the founder of the learning system to learn at the California Institute of Technology (CIT, one of the leading institutes of higher education in the United States in addition to MIT, Red).

Be it applying the learning system in CIT plus help from some of the leading companies in Korea and other countries such as the United Kingdom. To the extent that time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher, who famously nicknamed “women’re iron” that ever came to this University.

Well, if in Seoul we find various universities with a student capacity of many, while here is the least. Only around 3,500 students only. Suitable for those who want the campus is quiet and sparsely populated the small, eh hehehe.

Because it concentrated on the development of science and technology, the University there are 22 departments equivalent college and schools which include academic science, such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, natural sciences, mechanical engineering, Informatics, alias IT, natural sciences, science and bioscience nuclear, wind, etc. Is perfect for you the “Science maniacs” who wish to study in the land of ginseng.

But there was one school which according to the author is very unique, i.e. school science/wind energy. The science that we never heard of before and is very prospective to be developed in the country considering we’ve got a lot of wind in the homeland. Hehehe …

For the ranking, the University may be boasting. According to the Times Higher Education institutions aka THE put it on the order of 1 to 100 world best universities-the youngest under the age of 50 years old in 2014. Widih …

No wonder, most scientists are awarded the scientists in the country this ginseng in all fields. One of the universities that are worth considering for those of you who like to cultivate the field of scientists.

8. the Kyungpook National University (Gyeongbuk Daehakgyo)

best universities in south korea Kyungpook National University (Gyeongbuk Daehakgyo)

Still in the province of Gyeongbuk National University, there is one that stands in the city of Daegu. Daegu city itself is known as the textile town and is also known as “Milan his Korea” because of it.

The University was founded 1946, despite the roots of the College itself has been around since 1907 alias when Korea colonized by Japan. So in 1946 the College underwent a merger with some of the existing high schools in the city of Daegu. Consequently be great College and stay running existing systems.

While the name of the University was taken from the name “Gyeongbuk” which is already experiencing a romanization of the mention of the word. From the name and history are somewhat pragmatic smelling huh? hehehe …

No one, indeed, the number of University student also pleasantly plump. There are approximately 38,000 students enrolled here. The number of colleges and schools is also pleasantly plump, there are 17 college and 34 schools with hundreds of departments and programs. Keilmuannya covering the social sciences, medicine, biomedical, health sciences, engineering, politics, law, arts, humanities, and so on

For those of you who are interested in biomedical sciences and health sciences there is good news. Because this University is one of the best in the land of ginseng version Leiden Rankings for the majors. So for those of you who want to be a doctor, a nurse and a health consultant in particular, it could be the right choice.

Awarded most is there are politicians in the country. Of course, there are also so typical alumni, country entertainer ginseng. Hehehe ….

9. The Pusan National University (Pusan Daehakgyo)

best universities in south korea Pusan National University (Busan Daehakgyo)

Now we go to the southeast of South Korea, in the city of Busan. Metropolitan cities at once. The author so remember that the city also has a football stadium design including nyentrik when the World Cup 2002. Hehehe …

The College was founded one year after Japan was defeated in World War II aka in 1946. That time they only open two faculties, namely the Faculty of Humanities and fisheries. If seen from the beginning of its founding, the University looks all like to support the development of the city of Busan as a port city.

Not wrong, even the city of Busan alone now proven is the third-busiest seaport in the world. The appropriate Department in the right place, hehehe …

There are about 30,000 students enrolled here. This College has 13 colleges and 6 schools covering academic Humanities and social sciences, medicine, the arts, sports, science, engineering and interdisciplinary nature, etc.

In addition to the Fisheries Department and the Humanities which become reference for you, there are the Department of social science and management which is one of the best in the country this ginseng version QS Top Universities Rankings in 2010.

But for a writer, there is a unique academic to be appointed here. The University has a Department of forensic science (forensic science). In Indonesia alone, the Department is closely related to medicine or if there is only available in the Police Academy or the military. One more scholarship that is rarely heard and it takes on the ground water.

An alumnus of the University most profession as entertainer and music entrepreneurThough so many State politicians also ginseng which is an alumnus of the University.

10. Kyung Hee University (Gyeonghui Daehakgyo)

best universities in south korea Kyung Hee University (Gyeonghui Daehakgyo)

Well cover our journey this time was a private University in Seoul. Yep, returned to the capital of the land of ginseng is a University often became the site of the world’s great forum. Interested in?

Concept of higher education that puts democracy and berperadaban campus, the University was established in 1949. Founded by a doctor of legal science named Dr. Young Seek Choue.

Doctor Young in Korea itself was known as someone who has a vision far ahead on education and peace. But by that time the new South Korea Government was keen to repair the ruined economy of post-war Korea. 

No wonder he received many awards and world peace because of it. While the name of the University was taken from the name of a castle founded in Korea in the Joseon Dynasty, Gyeonghuigung Palace.

The University is fairly large and inhabited more than 31,000 students enrolled here. The College has 24 colleges and 16 school of business scholarship, journalism and communication, public policy, health sciences, international studies, peace studies, medical studies, tourism and so on.

The University has a Department of interesting study that is about peace. One study studying peace in accordance with the spirit of the University when the start up. If in Indonesia hampit similar to Department of conflict resolution. One scholarship is needed in considering the many events in which requires attention to this one.

In Korea itself, the University’s renowned Department of architecture according to data of the Ministry of education in South Korea are the best in the Industry University Evaluation in the year 2016. Good news for those of you who want to learn the science of architecture. As for his world ranking was 270 world version of QS World Academic Rankings in the year 2010.

South Korea recorded a President named Moon Jae-In is an alumni of the University. Most awarded is sportsmen and artists entertaintment. There are KPop fans for ya name Byung-Hun Baek, Park Chanyeol, Suho (EXO), Kang In, Kyuhyun (Super Junior) is the alumni of the University. WEEE ….

See you at the best University in the World More

Okay, that’s the best universities in the country, South Korea Ginseng. Academic science, business and Humanities most is the most majors offered here. But there is also a science that we rarely hear on the homeland such as forensic science and peace studies.

One distinguishes South Korea with other countries is the existence of harmony, a Word is enough to describe education in South Korea if tracing the motto and vision of the University in the land of ginseng. But, still there is choice in your hands. Interested to learn of the Joseon Dynasty in the country?

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