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10 Best Universities in the Netherlands

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“When all nations are preordained to have land, the Netherlands made the land itself”

Best Universities in the Netherlands — Yep, that’s the image of the country that has ever invaded our nation this century 3.5. Unsuspected kan we actually never colonized a nation that even have to “create” their own land.

The country is famous for its windmills of wind is actually built with dried or ground is often referred to by the land resettlementSo many dam or the dam was built in this country. If flooding or broken damnya terrible, this country could be underwater for about half its territory.

I happen to prefer to refer to the country as his Flying Dutchman. Notice the Flying Dutchman who reportedly always haunts the soul of the sailors? Hehehe, in fact the legend comes from the land of tulips. Legend wrapped in mystery are well known from the 16th century it was in fact making this country the more famous.

But if talk of educational affairs, no doubt. This is the land of places some masters of our nation is searching for knowledge. One of the best in Europe, even the world. Got an old college, with thousands of alumni whose names are famous. It could even be said the country was the main reference of our students if they wish to study in a foreign country.

This land is suitable for you who want a quiet country, away from the bustle of urban and heavy industry. Not many motorists and cyclists friendly, pedestrian-friendly as well as eco-friendly. Hehehe …

What’s in this country have plenty of gorgeous canals, clean and feels romantic. Remember the lecture ya, don’t skip to dating in this country. Uhukkk …

Another one, the college system here is roughly the same as the college system in the country. More use of the term faculty than school or college who often make dizzy.

This is actually happening because we generally inherit the educational system in the Netherlands. So yes not difficult to get to know the academic system in the land of the Flying Dutchman.

Even so, there is also the use of the College in the Netherlands use the term faculty to overshadow some of the school or Department. But it’s clear his system does not sweat because it’s almost something like in Indonesia.

A Question Of Scholarship? Don’t worry, this country’s most loyal provides scholarships especially for students interested in learning Indonesia there.

Many scholarship from the Government of the Netherlands as well as University scholarships in there that could be taken. Indonesia is said to fall into the category of priority to this affair. (Maybe) itung-itung “reply” when the occupation era. Hehehe …

The 10 Best Universities in the Netherlands

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Curious University anywhere in the land of the Flying Dutchman?, the following 10 best list of universities in the Netherlands this alias Netherland.

1. Universiteit Leiden

Universities in the Netherlands Universiteit Leiden

The best University in the Netherlands is the first University physicist famous for atomic theory E = MC ². Yep, Albert Einstein is an alumni of the University. The oldest university is the best in the country at the same time the Flying Dutchman. So his reputation does not need to be asked again.

The University was founded in 1575. Founded by Prince William, from the Royal family of the Netherlands still ruled the country.

Time it was actually before the University of Leiden was founded there was a University in the southern Netherlands. University of Leuven, but under the rule of Spain (Habsburg side of Spain, Hungary, not Red).

Well because it is offset at once connects the rise of enlightenment science in Europe in the Renaissance this is the mass University is founded. The naming of the city of Leiden is also unique.

Prince William who got the nickname “Prince of Orange” this tandem with Leyden folk to face the invasion of Spain led by King Philip II in the year 1574. That’s why the University was founded in the city of Leiden, as a tribute to the community of Leiden.

Nearby there is a University in the northern Netherlands has roughly 24,000 students. Have dozens of majors that fall into 7 faculties. Among others there is a science of Government and international relations, law, mathematics and science, social science, archeology, medicine and the humanities.

The University has an excess on the study of archaeology, language, religion and culture of Europe as well as Asia, including Indonesia. Good news for those of you who wish to study on a global or regional culture.

The University, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE) 67 world in 2016. Awarded Nobel title 16 has gained from a variety of fields. In addition to Albert Einstein there was the name of John Quincy Adams (6th U.S. President), John Stuart (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) and a row of realm names enrolled here.

Oh yes, almost all the Royal families of Netherlands also studied here. Pengen Lecture with the House of nobility? Or want the same acquaintance Sinyo or Noni Netherlands? Hehehe … it could be.

Alumni of Indonesia? Oh many, hehehe. There is the name of a classmate of Mr. Mohammad Hatta, Pak Boediono, Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. All three are former Vice President of INDONESIA, Weh wonderful huh? In addition there is the name Soetan Sjahrir, until legal expert Jimly Asshiddiqie Pack homeland are alumni of the University. Hmm … very classy!

2. Universiteit Utrecht

Best Universities in the Netherlands Universiteit Utrecht

The University is standing tall in the city of Utrecht. A place where Irfan Bachdim football ever studied here. Hehe, FC Utrecht that is, incidentally, is still one of the city.

The University was founded in 1636. Founded by a Professor of theology Gisbertus named Voetus. He also sent the message to a Professor of mathematics and law named Bernardus Schotanus, to lead the University.

So when beginning practical academic standing, it is they who become the reference Department. Yep, initially there were only three faculties that include theology, medicine and law.

But it used to be. Currently there are dozens of courses under seven different faculties. Among other social, humanities, law, science, veterinary medicine and others. Interestingly some of the faculty were overshadowing some schools and departments, not majors. For example, the Faculty of law, economics and governance have three different schools with dozens of majors.

Somewhat different Yes with us Faculty system thus hardly used at all. Instead the system of schoolor a school that is more familiar. According to the QS World University Rankings, the University is on the order of 94 of 100 best universities in the world. Wow!

Awarded the Nobel has grabbed 12 titles from a variety of fields. Awarded most not far from the initial three areas of the University.

Theology, medicine, law, and science. One of the famous Indonesia name enrolled here is Adnan Nasution Jars. Legal experts in this beloved country. Weh ….

3. Universiteit van Amsterdam

Best Universities in the Netherlands Universiteit van Amsterdam

Well this one stands in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam city Netherlands alias. One of the oldest universities in the country Flying Dutchman. In fact, one might say it is the most numerous devotees are there.

Established in 1632, this College was originally called the Athenaeum IllustreFounded by the City Government of Amsterdam and was succeeded by two professors named Caspar Barlaeus and Gerardus Vosius. As colleges in Europe generally, medicine is the first Department at this University.

Uniquely, the theology Department there is a first in this University is Menonit flow of Protestant Christian. Somewhat different from Yes to most universities in the Netherlands who dominated his Theology of the Lutheran or Calvinist.

University-based research is inhabited by about 30,000 students. It has seven faculties include Humanities, social sciences, economics and business, law, science, medicine, and dentistry. According to the QS World University Rankings, the University is ranked 50 world.

Very competitive once eh? In addition for those of you who wish to study the problems of dentistry, the University has a separate specific faculty with the Faculty of medicine. That is obviously more specific and dekonsentrasi there. Hehehe …

Alumni of the University have been grabbing the six title of Laureate of various fields. Most awarded is a politician and writer. Hmmm, it looks almost similar to Edinburgh Yes, literary writers bore a lot of majors.

4. the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Best Universities in the Netherlands Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Another name is the University of Groningen. Aye, as the name implies this University stands tall in the city of Groningen. One of the oldest universities in the country Flying Dutchman after Leiden.

The University was founded in 1614. If I am not wrong count, this University has reached the age of 400 years of little more. Hehehe, this is not a unique University founded by entrepreneurs, professors or Government. But pure folk Netherlands who lived in the region of Groningen and the Ommelanden.

It could be said the University is a university-based populist alias from the people for the people. Hehehe … Amazing huh? When beginning any practical keilmuannya stand is that it takes a community second. Among other things, theology, philosophy, law and medicine.

Currently the University has more than 30,000 students. There are 9 faculties and 1 college covering economics and business, theology and religious studies, law, art, spatial (spatial), social science, mathematics, philosophy, and mathematics.

Good news for those of you who would like to study about religion with Western-style perspective because they have a Department of religion.

But for me there is one of the highlights of this University. Aye, here there are Faculty of spatial or spatial science is commonly called. I think similar to civil engineering or architecture that may approach the term.

As it turns out, the science of spatial difference more to organize your space based on geography and resource survey analysis. One branch of the science of geography which of course is rarely heard in the homeland. The options that I think is interesting if you want to apply yourself in this field.

At least when returning to Indonesia could benerin cities and major in ground water which is still much inequality problem development. Hehehe …

According to the QS World University Rankings, the University is ranked 90 out of the world’s best universities. It is the most awarded scientists in the field of science. Even Nobel Laureate only from this University named Heike Kamerlingh Onnes is a Nobel Laureate of physics. Great huh?

5. Technische Universiteit Delft

Best Universities in the Netherlands Technische Universiteit Delft

The University is probably very familiar make Indonesia students who study there. Standing in a town called Delft. The town can be said to be “Imogirinya Netherlands” hehe … Because this is where the Kings and Queens of the Netherlands are buried.

The University itself was founded in 1842 by King William II. From the beginning of the stand is indeed the University was originally named the Royal Academy is dedicated to the development of the engineering sciences. The main civil engineering and industry. Do not be surprised if in the future the University evolved into a college-based technology.

Oh yes, when first established, the University had originally also been create students who come from the land of the Netherlands colonies, including Indonesia. Hence the University either from its history as well as awarded that comes from ground water, was familiar with the name of the University.

Currently enrolled students who are here there are approximately 19,000 people. It has 8 faculties, containing dozens of fields such as civil engineering and geology, mechanical and materials engineering, the leading architecture, mathematics and computer science, spacecraft engineering and so on. The entire Department of engineering branches there are all here.

No wonder if the QS World University Rankings put the University was ranked 19th in the world and 3rd best in Europe, the same in the field of engineering and technology. The right choice for you who wants to be a technocrat.

It’s been two Nobel titles earned awarded. There is one very famous awarded namely Jaap Hartsen, a technocrat of the Bluetooth network creators that we used to share media and messages in almost all of the gadgetsWhat will become of Yes now without Bluetooth? Hmmm ….

6. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Best Universities in the Netherlands Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Back to Amsterdam, there are universities that of similar names with one of the universities in Berlin. Both used the word “Freie” or in the Netherlands called “Vrije” which means freedom. Just a different context and usage history.

The University was founded in 1880. Founded by a Protestant Christian denomination Calvinist stream led by Abraham Kuyper in Amsterdam. He is a Calvinist theologian in the Netherlands and a Prime Minister who served between the years 1901-1905.

But in the end he chose to develop a college that is free from the influence of the Government or the Church (Calvinist). Then the word “Vrije” embedded not just free from the influence of the Government such as Berlin’s Freie University, but also free from the influence of religion.

Same with most other universities in the Netherlands, the University has 7 faculties include arts, theology, law, business, science, humanities, and economics. As well as having 1 college who worked with Universiteit Amsterdam named Amsterdam University College. Oh yes, those students who studied here about 20,000 people.

Awarded many who became politicians, theology, and scientists in the field of Humanities. Pretty unique eh? given the many universities that awarded most scientists scientists. The right choice for you who want to be a theologian or politicians in particular. Its founder only theologians and politicians. Hehehe …

7. Universiteit Twente

Best Universities in the Netherlands Universiteit Twente

The College is located in the city of Enschede. To the East of the country Flying Duthman. Bordering countries of Germany. So if you are in College here, can see the border of the Netherlands with Germany directly. Fun huh?

The new University was founded in 1961. When compared with the University over who is much younger. The University at first when first established, based on the techniques and named Technische Hogeschool Twente.

Despite that gradually develop the economic orientation of the University and its contribution in the field of social. But technology is a trademark of both universities.

In fact, despite economic and social orientation, the University has five faculties which are not far from kata techniques and technology.

Among other things the Faculty ethics management and social sciences, engineering technology, electrical engineering mathematics and computer science, science and technology, and geology.

See more engineering departments, a branch of perceptible socio-economic rather then right? Hehe … Despite that no one makes of this University as the primary reference because this College is the best in the Netherlands for the Affairs of the entrepreneur. For those who want to study economics, can be used as main reference if you want to learn here.

Awarded most are politicians and music entrepreneur Netherlands. There was also be a scientist in the field of physics. Even two of the scientists of Physics from this University has ever grabbed a Spinoza Prize and Medal of the Swan with a Nobel-level.

8. Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Best Universities in the Netherlands Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

I originally thought the name of the University was attributable by scholarship of the European Union which are very famous (Erasmus Mundus).

It turns out much hehehe … Standing in a city that is well known, even to the size of Indonesia capital name people quite familiar. Aye, there’s the location in Rotterdam. One of the cities with the largest port in the world.

Founded in 1913 by the name Nederlansche Handels-HogeschoolInitially when the standing of the orientation more to local business and economic development of the city of Rotterdam.

After the merger with another College in Rotterdam in 1973, the name of the University was changed to that now we see. Takes its name from a theologian and humanist Netherlands in the 15th century, Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus.

The University has seven faculties with four focus, namely, health, management, governance, and culture. The fourth includes the different faculties.

Details of the scholarship, majoring in science, humanities, engineering to social sciences there are all here. Somewhat different from the college system in the Netherlands always refer to the term faculty, without overshadowing the focus on it.

For those who want to be doctors, nurses or such, it is arguably one of the best options. According to the Times Higher Education (THE) put this University ranked 35 in the world for clinical Department Affairs.

For those who want to be a sociologist any University is also good. There are 40 world ranking in according to the same institution in the field of social sciences. Competitive eh?

Awarded most economists and politicians. Eeitss, speaking of politicians here there is one name that quite a boast. There is the name of the father of Mohammad Hatta, one of the proclaimer of independence of Indonesia and Indonesia’s first Vice President. Wuihhh very good yes he?

9. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Best Universities in the Netherlands Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Ah, one more University in Netherlands-oriented technology. One city with a renowned football club PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands. Hehehe, yes the location is indeed located in the city of Eindhoven.

The University was established by the Government of the Netherlands in 1956 with the name Technische Hogeschool EindhovenThe orientation of most notably for the development of automotive engineering.

Well, for those who like automotive or machining problem motor vehicle may be more fitting for College here. Rarely is there a good University you know him there.

However, this is still a university-based technology. So not only automobiles, everything that smells of technology such as engineering. Start the robot, the vehicle until the electricity everything can be learned here.

More precisely for those of you who want to deepen the engineering sciences, the University could be the right choice in addition to the Technische Universiteit Delft.

There were approximately 9000an students enrolled here. There are not many indeed, although if viewed in numbers it looks like the University is very competitive.

The Department has nine faculties covering engineering equivalent of biomedicine, environmental development, electrical engineering, industrial design, engineering and chemistry, applied physics, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and mathematics and computer science. Actually University of technology and engineering. Hmmm …

Proven, most awarded is a technocrat as well as architects in the land of the Flying Dutchman.

Former CEO of Philips (which in Indonesia is famous for its electricity-saving lamps that, hehehe …) Gerard Kleisterlee is an alumni of the University. One Nobel has also earned the University the name of Archer Martin of chemistry.

10. Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Best Universities in the Netherlands Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Another college that has established and by theologians. The best University in the Netherlands was founded in the city of Nijmegen. One of the largest cities in the land of the Flying Dutchman.

Founded in 1923, the University was founded by the Roman Catholic Christian community. But the difference is it’s not attributable with Papal Vatican City as the University of Heidelberg in Germany for example. Pure adherents and the existing Catholic community in Nijmegen. Originally the University was named the Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen.

But in 2003, the name was changed as of now we see. The name of the University was taken from the name of a holy man who lived around the year 900 a.d. and derives from Utrecht, Saint Radboud of Utrecht.

The University has seven faculties with hundreds of courses offered. Start from the field of art, theology, science, social studies, science and philosophy, medicine and so on. Students who studied here are also quite numerous, reaching 19,000 students.

It could be the right choice for those who want to study Master in the country. This College got 75 master’s course from a variety of fields. Pretty much Yes?

Awarded most of the politicians in the country is the Flying Dutchman. In fact, there are already four Prime Ministers of the Netherlands which is an alumni of the University. Sir Kontantin Novoselov is awarded the Nobel Prize for a university degree in physics.

It could be said, the land of the Flying Dutchman have College in terms of complete keilmuannya. Ranging from law, science, technology, and even different religions can be learned here.

While it may be a graduate from the Department of law of Indonesia which dominated many of the students enrolled there. Interestingly, the culture we just learned there. So, you are interested in studying in the land of the Flying Dutchman?

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