Ways to Save Space in Your Room

Ways to Save Space in Your Room


English Academic Indonesia — Life today is getting hard. You are forced to pay for your mortgage and other installments you actually find hard to be paid but you must take and for the good of you and your family, you clearly find no way out from those installments.

Well, your mortgage might is getting crazy from day to day. However, you can make yourself comfortable by making your house as comfortable as possible. If you think that you can only buy a small house with two rooms, do not be affraid of that. The world will find its method to solve that.

Since there is no more land in big cities in the world. People whol live there should either buy a small house with high price or buy a small apartment but living in a small square room which contains high risk of fire even though that death has been writen.

Now, since you must want things you really want to buy. It will somehow make your room getting smaller with lots of stuff. If you want to throw those stuff away, you might need it someday. It is very dilematic, right? But isn’t there any solution? Yes, there is.

The solution from that kind of problem is the space saving method. These ways will make your room much better in term of the space allocated on it. Therefore, what you need to do is that following the instruction and start applying such an instruction to your room.

Now, what are those ways to save as many as possible space remains in your room. Here are the example for you to save space in your room as many as possible while you do not have to throw all your belongings aways at that time when you think you need it someday.

  1. You can have a lovely white bed combined with secret shelves that can accomodate your books above it and maybe some vases with lovely flowers that you can change with newer flowers everyday. Meanwhile, you can also flip it and change it to lovely white sofa to accompany you watching movie while eating pop corn and you can save space.
  2. Secret room under your bed area will make you feel that you have some sort of secret room, just like in James Bond film or some sort of it. This kind of bed fliping style is almost as similar as the first bed fliping style. However, there is a some sort of table under it and you can save space by doing it.
  3. Attaching the bed to your cabinet will always be a good idea to save as many as possible space. Therefore, all you have to do to save space is by making a little modification to your room.
  4. If you think that bed fliping way is much out to date, then you can try this way by rolling it over you when you want to use your sofa to watch movies at netflix and save space. And you can roll it down when you want to go to sleep at night or take a nap.
  5. This way is almost similar as the way to attach bed to your cabinet. However, you do not have to flip it to save place. All you have to do is just using it since it has been what the way they are.
  6. If you like to sleep at higher place while you can also work after you wake up in the morning, you can try this bunk bed attached with the working table. It can also save space as many as possible. However, be careful with your head since there is some thick steel or wood above. Kind of uncomfortable, you may apply it and you may not.
  7. This one is a bunk bed attached with the space to put your books and photographs of your family, boyfriend or girlfriend. Anyway, it is kind of smart way to save space. You can also share bed with your siblings anyway. However, I’m kind of doubt that you want to apply it if you are 20s.
  8. This is wooden style bunk bed attached with the working table. You can put a computer in space between the upper bed and the lower bed. You can also work from your own bed without leaving it. This way can save space much and you can still have your productivity.
  9. This is a flipping bed attached to the cabinet. You can save space by fliping it over once you wake up and you can clean your bedroom with yout vacuum cleaner and then you can flip it back when you feel tired and you need to recharge yourself.
  10. You can combine the colour of green and white for the sofa attached with the bed and cabinet. You can have a netflix show while you lying down on your mattress or you can just sit down and watch it. It definitely save as many as possible places in your room.
  11. Red is always the colour of love. Therefore, you can add some red colour to your bed and make it as romantic as possible. Attached with the cabinet just like cliche ways to save space in your room. You and your spouse can have a wonderful night by applying this kind of way.
  12. If flipping bed is kind of cliche, you can do the same thing like roll it down and upp by pull it over under your sofa attached with the cabinet. It saves as many as possible space in your room, anyway.
  13. A pinky room with space saving way like this will blow your mind away. This can make your baby girl loves you very much. However, the problem of this kind of space saving way is that you have to make sure that your baby girl is strong enought to push the bed under the working table once she wake up.

Those are the ways to improve the comfortness of your room by saving as many as possible space in your room.

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